Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Princess Jesse

Today, we brought Jesse to her music school for her photo session. The girls are requested to dress up like a princess.

Before we left home, Jesse refused to wear a dress. She insisted to wear her yellow, round neck, T-shirt which comes with the wordings "If i can reach it, its mine" :)

When we arrived at her music school, there were lots of little girls fully dressed and some even equiped with fairy wings and tiaras. When i was there, i quickly told Jesse to look at all her friends who were all so beautifully dressed like a princess. I quickly changed her and she was ok in the end.

Samuel & the Circus Firemen

Jerudong Park Playground
Samuel and the Circus Firemen
During our previous school holidays, The Jerudong Park Playground has 2 performers from Australia, The Circus Firemen (Angus & Matilda).

Samuel and Jesse loves the performance so much that we brought them to watch it a few times.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jesse's Boyfriend?

Recently, Jesse has been telling us that a little boy in her class, Brandon, tells her that she is his girlfriend.

Daddy is keen to find out who this little boy and took a photo of both Jesse & Brandon when they were in school. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Samuel Singing "I've got Peace Love Joy like a river"

Both Samuel and Jesse has been listening to songs from Veggie Tales every morning on their way to school. They have been singing these songs in the car.

Today, we let Samuel sing with our karaoke system and we noticed how much he enjoyed singing :)

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