Monday, June 29, 2009

Samuel's Visit to Animal Expo

We brought Samuel to the fish and reptile exhibitions at Qlap Mall this afternoon. We did not bring Jesse along because she's afraid of fish. When she see fish, she will have goosebumps and will hug me tight. Since we went there in the afternoon, Samuel will have to forgo his afternoon nap. However, he fell asleep during our journey. He had 10 minutes nap in the car.

It was a very small exhibition. There are some fishes, salt water crocodiles, snakes, spiders, turtles, cats and others. He was brave, he touched the crocodile and the snake.
Samuel touching a baby salt water crocodile

Samuel and a Phyton Snake

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breakfast at the Beach

Since it is still school holidays, I have been planning lots of activities for our kids. This morning, I brought Samuel and Jesse to Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club's Beach Cafe at Jerudong.

Its the new Cafe by the beach with a mini golf course for the children.

We ordered some food and the children have some cereals. While waiting for our food, Samuel and Jesse played a bit of golf putting before Samuel proceeded to the beach to play with the sand.

We are very blessed that we stay only 5 minutes away from the beach and from the Jerudong Park Playground.

It has been a school holiday filled with lots of fun :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Melted Heart (To Angry or Not to Angry)

Yesterday evening, while I was surfing the internet, the kids were on our bed, Jesse picked up my handphone (which was on the bed). When she saw my handphone's wallpaper (it was a photo of Samuel & Jesse) she said kor kor and mei mei. After that, she threw my handphone. Good thing it hit the baby cot and landed on the cot.

I looked at Jesse and asked her why she threw my handphone. She kept quiet. I have to raise my voice at her and demanded her to pick up my handphone. Samuel then quickly came to me, hugged me and said "I love you, mummy". I looked at Jesse and when she looks like she didn't want to bring the phone to me, I raised my voice again. She picked up the phone but did not pass the phone to me. Again Samuel said "I love you, mummy". He then went to Jesse and took the phone for me.

I asked Jesse to stand at the corner but she hesitated. Samuel then brought her to the corner. While I was trying to fix back the phone's casing, Samuel was talking to Jesse. He also went to take her toys and gave them to her. I told him to stop disturbing her but he didn't listen. On and off, he asked her questions and took more toys for her.

As I was busy fixing the phone while Samuel kept disturbing her, I asked him to stand at the other corner. I need to seperate him from Jesse before she gets frustrated. After I fixed the phone, I looked at both of them. Then I took the camera and tried to take some photos. When Jesse saw me trying to take her photo, she came nearer to me. I show her my angry look and she stopped. I asked her to stand at the corner again so that I can take her photos :)

After the photos, I asked Samuel to give me a hug. Again he said "I love you". Then I got Jesse to say sorry to me. She then kissed me and smiled at me. How could I be angry with them :)

5 Minute Drawings

Yesterday morning while I was trying to put Jesse to nap, I asked Samuel to do some drawing. I told him to draw 4 animals, fish, chick, frog and pig. I asked him to refer and draw the animal drawings from a book. I told Samuel that if he couldn't draw, just carry on, and I will help him later. I thought by the time he finishes his drawing, Jesse would have fallen asleep and I will be there to assist him in the painting.

So, I went upstairs and put Jesse to sleep. 5 minutes later, Samuel came up and showed me his drawing. I really underestimated him in his drawing. I expected him to finish it in about 15-20 minutes and did not expect him to finish it in just 5 minutes. So, I went down and got him to draw another 4 animals. Again, in less than 5 minutes, he came to me showing me his drawing. I told him to continue drawing another 4 pictures. He came to me again after finishing it and Jesse still wasn't asleep yet.

He repeatedly came up until he finished 16 animal drawings (coming up to show me his 4 pages of drawings, 4 times in total). After that, I got him the colour pencils and asked him to colour the pictures. By the time Jesse was asleep, he was still colouring. He continued colouring and I went to take the watercolour for him to paint.

These are the drawings and colouring he did while I put Jesse to bed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Samuel & Jesse's Favourite Game

Recently, both Samuel and Jesse has a favourite game. Its called : Learn to share Fun Park Game (Noodleboro) by Playskool.

Its actually a board game of a Fun Theme Park with a dice and some reward cards. Both Samuel and Jesse has to take turns to play the game. We are surprised that Jesse, being 2 years old is also interested in playing this game with Samuel. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

End of Term 2

A week has passed and in another weeks time, its the beginning of Term 3. As usual, end of every term, we had to attend a Parent Teachers' Meeting. Samuel's class teacher did not say much about him. In his progress report, it was only written, "Has been progressing consistently".
His progress report book is 32 pages thick. The progress is meant for a 3 years program, the full Montessori course. The reports consist of Practical Life (Care of Environment, Grace and Courtesy and Care of Self), Sensorial, Cultural Arts, Art And Craft, Language, Mathematics, Social, Physical/ Music, Chinese and Bahasa Melayu. I must say that this is a very detail report book.

To our surprise, he has homework for the holiday. He hardly brings home any homework during school days. According to the teachers, it would be better not to have homework. Only those who has difficulty in doing the work in class will have to bring back homework. He doesn't have homework, no spelling, no exams. This is pretty easy for us, no stress :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun at Jerudong Park Playground... Yes Again :)

Samuel & Jesse
Since the school holiday started, Jerudong Park Playground has been having lots of activities. Staying just behind this theme park is quite convenient for us to pop by and let our little ones have some fun.

This time, Jerudong Park Playground has some bouncers. Samuel, as always have been jumping up and down, loves to jump on daddy & mummy's bed. What more a bouncer. hehe. o_O

Samuel in the Air

Samuel Hugging Something
He had lots of fun on the bouncers.

Jesse was afraid of the bouncers but mummy managed to get her on it for a short while.

Jesse's all time favourite are still the swings and the slides.

Samuel on a big slide

Samuel in a Bubble (Jerudong Park Playground)

Last night, mummy brought us to the Jerudong Park Playground to watch "Giggles" (the playground entertainers) perform their new act "Bubbles".

Samuel volunteered to help in the performances and daddy took a video of it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jesse's New Hairstyle?

Mummy was bathing Jesse when daddy came in to the bathroom. Daddy immediately ran to get his camera and took a photo of Jesse with her "new bathroom hair style". hehe :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jesse Singing (Baa Baa Baa Baa)

When daddy was looking at the recent photos and videos of our little ones, daddy saw another video. This time its Jesse singing. Also in the exact same seat as Samuel in daddy's car. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Samuel Singing (Me O My)

After Samuel's School's Parent Teacher Meeting, we were given a CD for Samuel to practice singing for the year end presentation.

When we played the CD in our car, on the way home, Samuel started singing. Daddy just couldn't resist but to take a short video of him singing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

SupaSave Trip

Yesterday was last day of Term 2 in school and Samuel had a school trip to SupaSave, Beribi. The children went to SupaSave with the teachers by bus.
In conjunction with the school's theme, Recycle, the students were all given a recycle bag while they shopped in Supasave. A week before the trip, they were given a shopping list for the parents to select. From the 10 items, we selected 5 items or Samuel to shop. These includes Carrots, Pears, Onions, Cauliflowers and a box of Cereal.

After shopping, they had their break at the fast food restaurant next to it, The Millenium. Parents were requsted to pick their child up and pay for their groceries at 10.45 am but by 11.00am only they started eating. Hence, we had the opportunity to take some of photos of Samuel.

While Samuel was eating, we went to shop for a few other things. Samuel came and joined us and we paid all the groceries at the cashier with Samuel.

We left SupaSave at 11.30am and went home.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Samuel's Art Teachers

Samuel has been attending art classes when he was 3 and a half year old. I can still remember when we started sending him to his art classes, he could hardly draw.

Today, he has a whole compilation of artwork that we can probably host an art gallery for him :) hehe.

He has 2 favourite art teachers that he loves. Teacher Denise and Teacher Doris. Every week, he will be very excited and looks forward to go for his art classes. Both daddy and i, feels that it is a joy to send him and to see him happy, going for his art classes.

Samuel and Teacher Denise

Samuel & Teacher Doris

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KOOL (Kids Of Our Lord) Picnic

1st June, Monday, we decided to join the Kids Of Our Lord (KOOL) Family Picnic. We drove to Angel Beach, Tutong. It is about 20 minutes drive away from our home.

We told Samuel a day before (Sunday) about the beach picnic. He woke up at 7am on Monday morning and asked me, "Is it Monday?" I told him "Yes" and he asked, "Are we going to the beach?". He was sooo excited.

We reached the beach at about 9.45am and alot of them were already there. We waited for awhile before it started. All the children were requested to gather around while one of the teachers was telling them story.

As it was Jesse's nap time, she was very tired. She stayed awake throughout the picnic. After the story, we rested on the hammock. Both Samuel and Jesse enjoyed the hammock.

While Jesse was hammock-ing, daddy went to get some food for both Samuel and me. After eating, Samuel quickly went and joined the children playing sand. They wanted to do a volcano. :)

While Samuel was still playing the sand, Jesse got out of the hammock and had her usual porridge.

When Jesse finished her porridge and Samuel, his volcano, we started packing up and washing up. After Jesse and Samuel took their shower, we immediately brought them up into the car. By that time we got everyone into the car, its already 12.30 in the afternoon.

We took a quick drive home after a good and fun picnic :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Girl Drummer?

Jesse has always been, and still is daddy's baby girl.

Last Monday, 1st June 2009, daddy played a Lion Dance video on the PSP. Daddy was really surprised to see Jesse started to play the drums following closely to the rythym of the Lion Dance.

Daddy immediately went to get a camera to capture this moment.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Its Time... Again!

Its Jesse's time of the month, the time she's being attacked by the flu virus! As according to her monthly schedule, the last she had running nose was end of April.  She started to have running nose again on the 2nd June.

Samuel too caught the virus. It was him who got it first but his condition was not as bad.

Jesse just spread the virus to me too. Oh no. She has been extremely attached to me especially at night. She sleeps on top of me (again) most of the time.

I hope we will all recover soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Samuel's Friends

We invited Samuel's friends over to our house again last weekend. He has been very eager and excited having friends coming over to our house. Last Monday, he told me that he has invited 5 of his classmates over to our house. According to him, when the teacher was not around, he asked them "who want to come to our house?" and 5 of them put their hands up. Yes, they raised their hands! Looks like he is more talkative in class now.

We did not managed to get any of the 5 children to come to our house, instead I've invited one of his ex classmate to our house with his sister, who is currently Samuel's classmate. We set up the small pool again and everyone had fun playing in the pool. I guess all children likes water :)

4 of Us