Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Nose Again

Yes, Jesse has running nose again! The last time she had running nose was beginning of the month. Few days ago she had running nose again. Although I'm prepared and expected her to get running nose monthly, I certainly don't hope that she gets it so soon.

Not only she has running nose, infact Samuel started with running nose since last week and he has not fully recovered. Last week, he had nose bleeding 2 evenings consecutively. On the 3rd day, we gave him coconut drink, which I feel that it helps in his body "heat".

Hope both of them can recover real soon.

The New Photographer

Jesse is our new photographer. Whenever she sees daddy's camera, she will grab it and start to take some photos. She will ask us to smile when she wants to take our photos. She even take photos of herself :0

She's still not very good at it, sometimes her hand will cover the flash. But with more practice I'm sure she will be a pro soon :p

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Girl

At times, Jesse can be a very good girl. One of those days, when Jesse was really in a good mood, she just pat Samuel's head and said "Good Boy, kor kor". She even "sayang kor kor" and kiss kor kor.

She let Samuel play with daddy's ipod touch, which is very rare. If only she is this wonderful everyday.

On My Big Day

We had my Birthday cake and Birthday song sang on the actual day, ie 27/4. Daddy ordered a cheese cake from The Empire Hotel and had it collected last Sunday. We actually wanted to sing the song on Sunday after our dinner but by the time we got back after dinner was kinda late so we decided to do it on the actual day instead.

After singing Birthday song, both the kids blew the candles even before I asked them to do so. Jesse then tried to cut the cake.

Both of them enjoyed the cake very much. Mummy also enjoyed the cake and had 2 slices on that day itself.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Year Wiser

Soup & macaroni with cheese for the children

Daddy's lamb shank

Mummy's char grilled lamb shoulders

Dessert for mummy

Today is my Birthday! We decided to celebrate a day earlier, on a Sunday instead of Monday. We went to Le Stadium for dinner with daddy and the children. After dinner, we went shopping for a while before heading back home. We did not sing Birthday song yet as it was already late. We decided to do it later today.

Daddy bought me Gucci sunglasses during our last trip in KL. I didn't expect any other presents from daddy but he gave me a surprise by getting me another gift.

2 weeks ago, I told daddy that I kinda regret that I did not get this Hush Puppies soft leather shoulder bag while we were in KL. Since daddy has a friend who went to KL for a business trip, daddy decided to ask him for help.

Today, besides eating a normal dinner meal cooked by the maid, daddy also cooked a big seabass fish with special sauce. Yum... yum.... yes the fish was excellent. It taste sooooo nice. I had the fish all by myself and I felt that it was not enough. But it should be alright, since we will be having cheese cake for dessert later at night.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bukit Shah Bandar Playground


We brought the kids to Bukit Shah Bandar Playground last weekend. It is only 5 minutes drive away from our home but this was the first time we been there.

Samuel's school PTA will be organising a family day there, so we thought of exploring there before the day. The children were having so much fun on that day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love Who ?

I have been asking Jesse, "You love Mummy?" She will definitely said, "No, I lou Daddy". If I ask her, "You love daddy?" then she will answer, "No, I lou mummy".

So now, if I want her to say that she loves me, I will ask her if she loves daddy. Then she will definitely say, I love mummy :) Sometimes, she will add on, I lou kor kor, I lou kakak and purposely won't say that she loves that person I asked.

Isn't she cheeky? o_O

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Swimming Classes

Samuel started swimming since March last year in Brunei Swimming Club (BSC). He has been taking his lessons there for a year. I have just stopped his lessons in BSC and joined Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club (RBPRC) instead, because :

1. Nearer. RBPRC is just 5 minutes drive away from home as compared to 25 minutes to BSC
2. Cheaper. BSC charges $60 per term for 10 lessons (30 minutes each lesson). RBPRC charges $70 for 8 lessons (1 hour each lesson) or $40 for 4 lessons (1 hour each lesson).
3. Duration of each lesson. A 30 minute swimming lesson for a group of 6 is not effective. By the time Samuel warm up, it is time to say goodbye. An hour lesson would be better.

RBPRC just started swimming lessons beginning of the year. When we knew about the swimming lessons, we just enrolled him in the new term in BSC. When the term was about to end, we enrolled Samuel in RBPRC.

He can only attend 1 lesson a week because we couldn't find another suitable time for him. Moreover, the teacher is fully occupied.

Today, Samuel attended his swimming lesson and we brought Jesse along. While Samuel was having his lesson, Jesse was enjoying herself in the pool.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got Bullied By A Younger Child

I brought Jesse to Sugar Bun, Manggis Mall today. She was very happy when she reached there running to the playground.

Upon reaching the playground, she took off her shoes. When she was about to enter the tunnel, this girl, about 3+ held her hands and they go in the tunnel together which will lead them to the playground full of balls.

When both reached the other end of the tunnel, this girl's sister, who is younger than Jesse, about 1+ doesn't allow Jesse to go through. She kept shouting NO to Jesse. I kept quiet and observed further.

She continued shouting NO to Jesse and Jesse started to be afraid. I saw her expressions changed. She started crying. I asked her to come out from the tunnel, she refused, she wanted me to go inside the tunnel instead.

I assured her that it was alright, she can just pass through this little girl. She wanted to go in but this little girl keep telling her NO. To make things worst, the girl who held Jesse's hand earlier also refused to let Jesse in. I then shouted at them. Yes, I shouted at the girls! I told them that the playground is not theirs.

Not long after that, the girls mother came. She asked the girl to bring her little sister out from the playground. Probably she heard me shouting at them :p

After they left, Jesse was enjoying herself. She went in and out of the tunnel, throwing the balls, bouncing and jumping inside the playground, walking on ropes before sliding down the slide. She definitely enjoy herself today, eventhough she was bullied earlier.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cried In School

When I went back for lunch today, Samuel told me that he cried in school. He cried because his class teacher asked him to take a piece of metal inside box number 4 but it was not there and he took a circle instead. According to him, the teacher was angry and said, “What are you doing?” in a harsh manner. He dare not tell the teacher that the metal was not in the box and started crying.

Daddy called the school teacher to check if he really cried in school. Samuel sometimes tells us inaccurate information about what happened. True enough, he cried and the teacher was aware of it but she doesn’t know why he cried. The assistant teacher asked him for about 20 minutes but he did not say anything to them.

When the teacher knew that he cried and doesn’t know the reason, why doesn’t she take the initiative to call the parents after school? Does that mean if we didn’t call and ask she will not inform us?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Motorcycle ?

Jesse calls this a bicycle....

But she calls this a motorcycle

I kept telling her this is a bicycle but she still say its a motorcycle. I'm not sure if its her imagination or she really thinks that this is a motorcycle.

When daddy brought Samuel's bicycle to the living room, she kept shouting motorcycle and refused to let Samuel ride on it. We let Jesse play with it for awhile then Samuel took over. When Samuel cycles, she cries non stop. She wanted to ride on the "motorcycle" as well. She was crying chasing after Samuel, who was cycling around the living room.

After 2 rounds, I asked Samuel to stop. Since Samuel was afraid of Jesse chasing him, I asked him to let Jesse ride the "motorcycle". Then Jesse was cycling happily. She doesn't really know how to cycle. She pedals 180 degree then stop, then pedals again 180 degree. This is how she gets the bicycle moving.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silly Faces

We bought this funny faces game from Early Learning Centre for the kids. Both of them loves to play with it. There are 4 faces to pick and match with. The pirate, princess, clown and witch faces. Among these, Samuel likes the princess face the most o_O

4 of Us