Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Loves but yet afraid of water

Samuel's all time favourite - splashing the water

Blow bubbles on the hand!! Too afraid of blowing on the water
Taking turn to jump but when it is his turn he goes to the back againSamuel going under water
Enjoys kicking the water

Samuel loves to play with water but to a certain extend, he is afraid of water. He was very excited when he first started his swimming lesson. However after he learned that he will need to go underwater or to blow bubbles, he started to be afraid of going for his swimming classes.
He is afraid especially when the teacher asked him to go underwater. Since he is too shy to say no, he did what was told. He is also afraid of jumping into the water. When it is his turn, he will let other kids jump first hahaha.... but he can't escape as the teacher knows it is his turn. He will sit and jump instead of jump standing.

The only thing he likes to do during his class is to splash and kick the water. Whenever he has the chance, he will splash the water. Probably this is the reason he is still willing to go for the class.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

45 Months

- height = ?
- weight = ?
- likes to ask us how to spell this and that
- needs to be fed, else will not eat
- can only be fed by daddy or mummy, else take about 2hours to finish
- still likes to keep food in the mouth
- appetite still the same, 2 meals, 1 snack, drinks 3x a day
- started swimming but afraid of going under water or blowing bubbles
- extremely shy
- started to be afraid of sounds again
- can recognise alot of words
- likes to draw, colour, write, trace and read
- clean freak, will make alot of noise even with a single dot of dirt
- a perfectionist, if he did something not within his expectations, he will redo it again, if he still can't do it to his expectations, he will want us to help, else he will cry

Jesse Submerged In The Water

Jesse submerged in the water. Amazing!

Daddy and mummy is so amazed with this video that we would like to share it with our friends. Knowing daddy and mummy, it is not an easy thing to do by ourselves to let our baby get totally submerged for the fear that they are not ready.

Teacher Isabelle was fantastic that she knew what to expect of a baby when it comes to babies and swimming. Next time daddy will bring his underwater camera to film more videos underwater too. :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mummy's Birthday Card From The Kids

Look at the birthday card both my children did. Daddy has been spending time with Samuel and Jesse to create a birthday card for me.

For the past few years, daddy gave mummy a birthday card on their behalf. But this year, Samuel and Jesse actually did the card for me! Credit goes to daddy. Thank you again daddy!

Mummy's Birthday Present

Daddy never fails to give mummy birthday presents. Yes, most of my birthdays, I received more than one present. Daddy knows that I like to open presents... hahaha...

This year, daddy did not wrap the present as it is not easy to wrap. Guess what daddy got for mummy?

A birthday card :)

No wrappers, just a box

Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Samur Ebene

A Louis Vuitton handbag. I was actually choosing between this and the other LV handbag when we were in Hong Kong last December. Daddy offered me both the handbags but I decided to take the other one.

Daddy knows I had a tough time choosing between the two, so he quietly ordered the handbag through a friend who went to Singapore recently, to get it for my birthday. How thoughtful of him. Thank you so much daddy!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy

Mummy's Birthday Cake (Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake)

Family Photo Taken After Singing Birthday Song to Mummy

Family Photo, Birthday Dinner in Swensens

Samuel giving mummy her birthday kiss

Jesse giving mummy her birthday kiss

Samuel and mummy pretending to be angry (at dinner)

Sourdough 49ers Beef

Samuel's chicken mushroom pizza

Mummy's black pepper seafood pasta

Ice cream dessert (topless 5)

Today is my birthday. This morning, Daddy prepared all the necessary and prepared the cake he ordered from Sheraton Hotel, a chocolate chip cheese cake, just for me. Samuel and daddy sang Happy Birthday to mummy while Jesse sat on mummy's lap.

Samuel helped mummy blow the candles after singing happy birthday to mummy. We were all so happy today.

Daddy then arranged the whole day filled with family fun.

We had mummy's birthday dinner in Swensens Restaurant. Daddy had sourdough 49ers beef, mummy had black pepper seafood pasta, Samuel had chicken mushroom pizza and Jesse had a little bit of everyone's food except for mummy's food. In Swensens, our dessert was of course, ice cream. We ordered a "topless 5" which came with yummy raisins, orange serbet, mango, chocolate freckles and yam flavoured ice creams. It was yummy. :)

It has been a simple yet lovely birthday with the ones i truly love.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Samuel's School's Pets Day

Samuel touching the tortoise

Samuel and the Rabbit

Samuel's school organized a day where the students are asked to bring their pets to show all their friends in school. When we first heard about it, we were wondering what Samuel could bring to school as a pet. Then we realised, the only pet that Samuel has is his Robot Dog, Lucky. No... we didn't ask Samuel to bring Lucky. It would have been too embarassing for him. hehe

Anyway, it has been an educational and fun day for Samuel. He seems so excited to see different pets (animals) that was shared by his friends. There was a dog, pigeon, rabbit, kitten, chicks, lots of fishes and sea monkeys. Infact, it is the first time daddy and mummy saw sea monkeys. Daddy has always been wanting to have sea monkeys as pets since daddy was a kid.

Samuel was not particularly interested in the sea monkeys, he was excited about the rabbit, turtle, dog and fish.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More of Samuel's Masterpieces

Samuel's Fish
A Chicken

Samuel drew, coloured and painted a fish today in his art class. After he has finished his fish painting, he drew coloured an painted a chicken while waiting for daddy and mummy to pick him up from his art class.

Happily Ever After

Recently, Samuel has been watching disney's "Enchanted". He simply loves it. The first time he watched it, he was smiling all the way through the movie. Its so easy to tell that he loves it and was so happy watching it. After that, he has been requesting daddy and mummy to play the DVD over and over again.

Samuel smiling while watching "Enchanted"

In one part of the movie, it actually talks/sings about "How do you know that you love her?". It is simply and innocent feeling so strong that you know... you love her...

Daddy recently feels so much in love with mummy that he could be singing the song over and over again for mummy. (Which will make Samuel smile and laugh)

If there is a happily ever after, daddy and mummy certainly wants to be the first person to have it. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Overly Pampered ?

Jesse crying

Jesse has never been easy to handle since baby. I can remember after our confinement lady left us, we had difficulties handling her. She doesn't wanna sleep at night and keeps crying. We tried many different methods to sooth her but doesn't seems to work. Daddy and mummy needs to take turn to look after her.

It is a big difference between her and Samuel. Samuel seldom cries when he was a baby. He was much easier to look after compared to Jesse.

Jesse is also a drama queen. If she wants us to sayang her, she will pretend that she is in pain. Its quite adorable to see her behaving that way to seek our attention. We will just hug her and comfort her.

We can't be hard on her. If we raise our voice on her, she will cry. Unlike Samuel, he will listen when we scold him. Jesse will not give in. There are a few occassions that she cried till she chooked and vomitted. Because of that, we usually have to give in most of the time.

I noticed that she has the "i want means i want" kind of character. And most of the time we allow her to get what she wants, as we don't want her cry until she vomits.

Are we doing the right thing? Will we spoil her if we give in every time?

"i wAn de duck!"

Jesse and the ducks

As it was with Samuel when he was younger, it is now with Jesse that she impresses both daddy and mummy with every new things that she does.

Recently, mummy has been very happy that Jesse is starting to like her swimming classes. She is no longer afraid of mummy carrying her down to the swimming pool.

During her swimming classes, there are lots of toys scattered all over the pool. eg floats, cups, little ducks, etc... Jesse particularly loves the little ducks...

To our surprise, while mummy was carrying Jesse in the swimming pool, Jesse stretched out her hands. It was as though she wants to get hold of something in the swimming pool. Both daddy and mummy were puzzled and was not sure what Jesse wanted.

Suddenly . . . "i wAn dE DuCk!", Jesse shouted.

Mummy stared at daddy.

Daddy also stared at mummy and daddy told mummy, "Did you hear that?"

It was a clear sentence... "i wAn dE DuCk!" hehehe

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Prince? My Frog?

Samuel wearing his frog hat

We're all still going through the "Enchanted" phase (especially Samuel). He watches Enchanted in daddy's car on the way to school for the past few days and he calls the show, Prince and Princess.

Daddy and mummy has been calling Samuel and Jesse, Prince and Princess. Samuel smiles everytime we calls him that. He's recently been very interested in building his own castle too. The exact way he says it "Daddy, i want to build a castle. Just like the one in Disneyland." (The Sleeping Beauty's Castle) hehe

Today, daddy went to pick Samuel up from school. When daddy arrived at Samuel's school, daddy saw the little boys wearing green coloured hat. The kind of hat they made themselves from green coloured paper.

When daddy saw Samuel, Samuel said, "Look daddy, i'm a frog. Ribbit! Ribbit!"

Samuel is daddy and mummy's prince, is he also daddy and mummy's little frog?

Frog? Prince?... Prince? Frog? hehe

Our Temporary Maid

The temp maid has been here about 9 days. She is alot better than my previous maid. Jesse accepted her even on her 1st day here. We were very surprise. It tooks her about 2 weeks to accept the previous one.

This maid definitely has more patience. She allows the children to play and mess around with the toys. Most of the time, the previous maid only switch on the television for the kids instead of taking out the toys for them to play.

She doesn't allow them to play with toys especially during their meals as she doesn't like to clean up the mess. And everytime during meal she will definitely nag Samuel. This temporary maid not only she doesn't nag him, she allows them to play even during their meals.

Mess by my children during meal

If my previous maid see the mess above, she will definitely scold and nag both Samuel and Jesse.
No matter how good this temp maid is, we are not allowed to take her as our full time maid as she has been transfered once before. The law here doesn't allow a maid to transfer twice within 2 years. I still have to wait for another new replacement full time maid.

Does your child play during meals? Do they sit still during meals? One of the reasons our maid leaves us is because our children are too difficult to handle. They do not listen and do not sit still when she tries to feed them.

More Ponies & Plats

Today, Jesse looks even cuter. She has more ponies and plats. My temporary maid is definately better in looking after my children than the previous one. My previous maid has been with us for 6 weeks and she has not even tied Jesse's hair once.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

His 1-10

Samuel's motor skills are not very good. But he has improved alot this year. From not be able to hold the pencil properly to being able to write.

He has been very good at tracing and we were very surprised he can write some alphabelts without tracing. He can write "Samuel" all by himself.

3 months ago, he still can't write 1-9 by himself. But lately about 1 month ago, he is able to write numbers. Although sometimes after few times of writing the numbers, he got confused. Usually he got it right the first attempt.

Sometimes he gets mixed up 2 with S or the other way (mirror image) or his 3 can be a mirror image. Sometimes he writes his name 2amuel instead of Samuel.

Her Lil Ponies

I have always like to tie Jesse's hair but she doesnt like me to do so. Most of the time, in between, I will give up because she struggles when I try to tie her hair.

This afternoon when I went back for lunch, I was suprised till I have forgotten to take her photo.

When I came back from work, her hairstyle looks even cuter. She has 2 little pony tails and 2 plats. The temporary maid manage to tie her hair so neatly.

Comfort in a Family

After so many things that we have been through over the past 2 weeks, it has helped us to grow closer together.

Daddy and mummy has made it our first priority to be home with our family the moment we can.

With everything that we have, it means nothing without a complete family. Both Samuel and Jesse has been feeling insecure due to the happenings these few weeks.

Samuel recently started to be afraid of alot of things again. Especially when it rains, when there is thunder and even when he sees his own shadow when he is in his room alone. He will run to daddy and mummy's room to seek comfort.

Jesse has been extremely clingy to mummy, she has also started to be closer to daddy. Every little things that she does to get daddy's attention makes daddy melt like a lighted candle.

While both Samuel and Jesse finds comfort by hugging both daddy and mummy, it has become contagious and we started hugging each other more. Daddy finds himself more in love with mummy which makes mummy happy too.

Eventhough we do not spend alot of time together each day, we can still see the joy in the eyes of Samuel and Jesse having daddy and mummy around.

It is in these challenging times that we start to grow closer in love.. amazing phase of life that God has allowed us to go through. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Punctured Tyre

Today mummy went back to office after lunch to find out that she has a flat tyre. She immediately called daddy for help.

Within 10 minutes, daddy was there at mummy's office and changed the tyre within 15 minutes. Daddy sent mummy's car to get the tyre patched and sent the car back to mummy before getting back to work.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jesse's 1st Day in Sunday School

Today, daddy and mummy decided to bring both Samuel and Jesse to sunday school. Initially, Samuel was a little relunctant to go to sunday school. Daddy and mummy told Samuel that Jesse is also going too and his friends will be there too. Samuel then said "ok".
When we arrived in church this morning, we were surprised that Samuel went to his friend Timothy and held his hands while singing songs. They sang and dance to these few songs this morning:
1) Fear Not!
2) Na.. na.. nanana... Every breath i take i take in You Jesus...
3) My God is so big
While Samuel blended in well in sunday school today, Jesse was clinging on to mummy not knowing what was happening.
Jesse in Sunday School
Later mummy put Jesse together with Samuel while they were singing.

Jesse joins Samuel dancing and singing

Daddy and mummy ran out of the room while Jesse was not looking and attended the 1st morning liturgical service.

When daddy and mummy went to peep on both Samuel and Jesse, they have already started their colouring and handycraft work.

Jesse colouring

After that, daddy and mummy left them there to let them continue enjoying their sunday school.

Once sunday school finishes, mummy went to bring both Samuel and Jesse to daddy and we all left church.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jesse @ 15 months

Jesse turns 15 months on 11/04/08. A little update on her development.

- Height – 79 cm
- Weight – 10.3kg
- Teeth - 4 upper & 4 bottom
- Lost of appetite probably due to teething
- Very demanding and is a "chilli padi"
- Show tantrum by kicking her legs
- Extra clingy to mummy
- Loves to watch Barney
- Can be a bully to kor kor (pinch, slap, pull)
- Will sayang kor kor if he cries
- Loves to on and off switches, play with remote controllers and phones
- Afraid of phone ringing
- Will request to be carried to look through the window when she hears bird chirpings or when she hears daddy's/mummy's car
- Speech development still abit slow
- Takes 2 naps a day -morning and afternoon
- Has reduced her milk intake of 6oz to 5oz in daytime
- Still wake up middle of the night to drink

Samuel's School Trip (Dairy Farm)

Last Saturday (12/4/2008), Samuel had his school trip to Mashor Dairy Farm.

Mummy was initially very excited because we were told that mummy could accompany Samuel to his school trip by bus. Later to find out that the buses the school rented was full. Mummy was a little dissapointed but daddy and mummy still went ahead to drive to Mashor Dairy Farm during Samuel's school trip. The dairy farm is only 5 minutes drive away from home. :)

When daddy and mummy went to the dairy farm, the last batch of children was coming down from the bus. Daddy and mummy was looking for samuel to find him with a teacher Caroline and a few of his friends looking at a cow and a calf. They took turns to feed the calf milk by holding a milk bottle.

Samuel feeding a calf

Calf drinking milk from a baby bottle

After that, they walked over to the other side to see the cows being sprayed with small sprinkles of water. This is to keep the cows cooling as in this tropical weather, the cows will be very very hot. Here, teacher Caroline showed the children how to feed the cows. Samuel happily had his turn to feed the cows too.

Samuel feeding the cows

After which, Samuel and his friends went to an area and had a refreshing fresh strawberry milk.

Samuel enjoying his strawberry milk

Samuel came out of and took some photos with mummy.

After that, daddy and mummy left and Samuel went back to the buses and went to the beach, the polo club stables and then back to school.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Samuel at art centerSamuel in art class

Samuel went for his art class this morning. He was very happy going to his class. Besides being able to draw, colour and paint, he is always happy to see one of his best friends there.

Usually after the class, he will play with the toys there. Today, he was a little upset when we picked him from his class. One of the boys bullied him by snatching his toys.

Last week's masterpiece

Today's art

Rain Rain Go Away...

Scene 1
It was raining at 11pm. Samuel woke up crying looking for us.
S : Mummy, daddy.... Samuel's scared. I want daddy sleep with Samuel. (mummy was sleeping)
D : Ok ok... don't worry, Samuel. Daddy will sleep with Samuel.
At 1am, daddy came back to our room

Scene 2
It rain again at 5am. He wakes up crying again. Mummy went and sleep with him. At 7am, he woke up.
S : Mummy, I want milk.
M : Go ask kakak Nani for milk.
S : No more raining already.
M : Ya... go and ask kakak for milk
He went out of his room shouting for kakak to make milk for him then came back to the room.
S : Mummy, no more raining. Can you please go away.
M : *roll eyes*

He wants us only when he's afraid, else he chase us away!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby And Me

Mummy and Jesse waiting for Baby & Me class

Jesse is ready for her class

Mummy & Jesse taking shower before dipping into water

Jesse in the float

Mummy & Jesse enjoying

Mummy trying to put Jesse on the float

We wanted to enrol "Baby And Me" swimming classes for Samuel when he was a baby, but we did not manage to. This time, I was very excited to put Jesse in Baby and Me swimming classes.

Last Sunday was our 1st class. The class started at 530pm while Samuel's swimming lesson was at 430pm. When we arrived there, Jesse was afraid. She wanted to cry when I brought her near the pool.

After sometime, she felt more secure and started to request to walk around the pool. When it was time for her class, I carried her down the pool.

Initally she was afraid and made alot of noise. But in no time, she overcomed her fear and started to enjoy herself in the pool. She kicked and splashed the water. Both mummy and Jesse enjoyed the class very much.

Baby and Me classes are more expensive than Samuel's classes. We paid $20 for registration and $100 for 8 lessons. Still reasonable.

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