Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Little Equestrian

A Shetland Pony ride, right from our home? Yes, not just that, Samuel also rode on a life size horse too.

Initially daddy was kind of worried if Samuel will be afraid of a life size horse. Usually kids finds it a little larger than the horses that they have seen in pictures or even from the TV.

When daddy told Samuel that there will be a pony coming, Samuel was so excited. He went downstairs to the living room and asked daddy "Where's the pony, daddy?"

When we brought Samuel out of our home, he went straight to put on a helmet before he rode on the small Shetland Pony (the small miniature horse).

Samuel and the Shetland Pony
Samuel on the pony right outside our home
Samuel on the pony turning back home
Samuel the little equestrian
Samuel petting the Shetland Pony infront of our home

After the pony ride, Samuel was even more excited to ride on the life size horse.

Samuel on a horse
Little equestrian, huge horse
Samuel's horse ride
Samuel coming back home on the horse

Daddy's Little Equestrian

To The Dentist

One of the things we did while we were in KL was to bring Samuel to the dentist. This is not the first time he went for checkup but it is the first time he had treatment.

He has been to the dentist just for routine checkup twice. His teeth is abit yellowish and he has tooth decay. And since we have time while we were in KL, we brought him to see a dentist.

It was to our surprise that he was such a good boy and he co-operated well with the dentist. He had 2 tooth decay, both at the bottom of his wisdom tooth, so the dentist did some filling on his teeth.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We have finally confirmed a maid. Since our maid left, we are waiting for a replacement maid from the agent. I contacted the agent at least 3 times a week to check for if they have any maid's bio data. Apperently, they keep telling me the don’t have any. The agent have not been very honest with us. Do you believe within these 2 months they don’t even have 1 bio data? No bio data means no business.

One of those days, daddy contacted the boss, and was told that I have been VERY FUSSY about choosing a maid. I was fuming mad. How can I be fussy when they don’t even have any bio data for me to choose? I kept calling them and they kept telling me that they have no bio data.

Later, I found out that they actually do have a number of bio data but they kept on lying to us. I suspect that they are intentionally trying to delay in providing us with a replacement maid. Reason being, if a new customer confirms taking a maid from them, the customer will need to pay them agency fees, which we do not need to do so because we have already paid them agency fees a few months ago. At the same time, we have been paying them a much higher salary for the temporary maid that is provided by them.

We are glad we have confirmed a maid. I have actually decided to look for a filipino maid, but since I can’t find any, I have to stick back to Indonesian maids. We can only take part time filipino maids to clean our house.

We pray that the new maid will turn out to be someone similar to our temporary maid. Our temp maid is a rejected maid and she has been working for 5 families (excluding us) and 5 of them have been complaining about her to the agent. However, we find her capable of handling our children, housework and cooking.

We confirmed the maid on the same day we went back to KL ie. 18th June. We shall see how long does it takes for her to arrive.

The Missing Luggage

Since it was school holiday, I decided to take leave and go back KL for a week. We left Brunei on Wednesday evening via AirAsia.

Both the kids were still manageable when we were in airport and throughout the whole journey, although Jesse was kinda demanding. Most of the time, Jesse only wants me, which makes me even more tiring.

We have alot of small hand luggages when we were on the plane. I have a handbag, daddy has a messenger bag and the portable dvd bag, both Samuel and Jesse has a bag each.

All our hand luggages were at the bottom of our seats. When the plane landed, we forgot to take one of our luggage. We forgot about daddy's portable dvd player that comes with a bag. This was daddy's father's day gift which mummy bought a few days ago.

We only realised it when we were about to reach our destination while we were in KL. Since it was so far to LCCT, it took us another 1 hour to reach the airport again.

We reached KL at about 11pm and by the time we rushed back to LCCT it was already about 130am. It was really to our disapointment when it was no longer on the plane.

Initially, the ground crew refused to check for us. According to the Lost And Found staff on duty, 30m after the plane landed, the cleaner will have to clean the plane and the cabin will be closed and locked by the engineer. No one is allowed or have the authority to open the aircraft.

After some time of “begging”, the Lost And Found staff assist us to contact the person in charge. After awhile, he allowed us to go into the plane to check for ourselves as they can't find the bag. When they sent me to the plane, I was surprised that the cleaners are still cleaning the plane, as we were told that the aircraft has been closed and locked!

I am not surprised that it went missing. The player came with a small bag which can be easily been taken by other people. We were really disspointed with the missing dvd player.

Without the player, it makes us even more difficult to handle the kids. If we have the player, we can at least have some quiet time when they watch their favourite cartoons.

Since daddy really liked the player so much, while we were in KL, we bought another one. Yes, the same one except for the colour.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We just came back from KL yesterday night. We were there more than a week for holiday. It was a tiring trip as we do not have maid to assist us.

Will blog about our trip later. We are still busy as my brother followed us back to Brunei for a few days holiday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Latest Stunt

Few months ago, Jesse started to climb her baby cot. But that time she only climb at a lower level. Recently, she tried to climb higher. She wanna get into her cot by climbing the side and of coz she gets stuck every time.

When she cannot manage to climb in, she will shout for help.

BabyLegs Model

Last weekend, we bought some babylegs. I got to know these products last year when Jesse was about 9 months old. But we never got the chance to get it here as there is no stockist in Brunei and we can't order online as they don't ship to Brunei.

Few days ago, while I was looking through some baby products through internet, I found out that babylegs has stockist in Brunei. Immediately, I emailed them. We went over to their place on Saturday and this is what we got for both our kids.

As their stock is limited, we only managed to get these. We will order the one we like as they have new shipment coming soon.

We have managed to snap some shots of them wearing it. Samuel loves them very much. He even request to wear them during his nap.

New Car, New Bed :)

It reminded me of a TV series that i used to watch a long time ago called "Silver Spoons". I remember this TV series, a little boy, Ricky, has all the cool toys and fancy furnitures in his house. One of the things that i can remember very clearly was his "car bed". For those who is familiar with 1980s TV series, you will know it. :)

Today, daddy and mummy decided to get Samuel a new bed. A Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed. Samuel was so happy today when he saw the bed in his room. :) It took him a long time to fall asleep as he was still so happy that his new bed is actually a racing car.

Something that daddy has dreamt of having when daddy was a kid is now, in reality, Samuel's bed :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Recently I am busy with iphoto. Finally we can print our own album here in Brunei. We have been very reluctant to do the album for the children as we will need to order them online.

There are many designs and layouts to choose from iphoto. I have had a hard time choosing the one I like coz I like most of them hahaha... Because we wanted to do the hardcover type, and because the photo paper is thin, we will need at least 60 pages to look nice. It does not look nice with the hard cover album with only 40 pages, which is the standard album.

I wanted to do the magazine type ie. the soft cover but daddy prefers hard cover.

Monday, June 16, 2008

End of Term 2

Saturday was Samuel's last day of his school term. On Friday, we went for parent teacher interview. His teacher did not talk much about his progress. She mentioned that most of the time, he will take his own sweet time to do his own things. Sometimes, they will have to request him to do it faster. He doesn't have the sense of urgency. Again she told us that we should bring Samuel to see a child psychiatrist.

The teacher suspects that he has Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The reason she said so is because of his obsession in fear of dirt and sound. I tried and read about OCD but I can't really relate him with OCD.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Gifts

Yesterday was Samuel's last day of school before the school holidays. He also had his poetry recital in school so he was dressed casually with his white gloves. He was presenting "Hickory Dickory Dock" that day. When daddy and mumy picked him up in school, he came back to daddy's car with a Father's Day Card. He didn't want to give it to me, probably not knowing that it was actually made to be given to Daddy. hehe. My very first Father's Day Card... :)

Later in the day, Daddy and Mummy sent Samuel to his music class while Jesse rested at home. Mummy got daddy his Father's Day Gift! It is a cool portable DVD/CD player. Daddy was and is still very impressed with it. Initially mummy wanted to get daddy an Apple iPod, having 2 little ones, daddy felt that it was more practical to get a portable DVD/CD player instead. hehe.
Some of the things that this LG DVD/CD player impresses daddy is that it is not only a DVD player that plays the normal DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, VCD, Audio CD, MP3, DivX, wma, jpeg, etc...

It has this amazing USB input. I can put any movies, photos and mp3 on my pendrive and it can play it from there. With the USB input, i tried putting my USB SD Cardreader. It works too. So i can just put any big SD/MMC cards and view the videos and photos. (better than an Apple iPod, right?) hehe.

Besides the normal Audio Video Output, it also has an Audio Video Input. So i can actually plug my playstation or nintendo wii on it and play from this small dvd player. Its so cool!

To keep the kids happy, the bag that it came with, can be opened up, flipped over and zipped and can be tied to the back of the driver's car seat. It becomes an instant (portable) car DVD player too.

Daddy is so happy :) Thank you Jesse, Samuel and Mummy. Fathers Day will not be of any meaning without any one of you. Daddy loves you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

1st Trimester Pregnant

Nope, I'm not pregnant but I feel like I'm in my 1st trimester. After taking the medicine yesterday night, I felt extremely tired (different kind of tired, like the ones in the 1st trimester).

I woke up this morning, feeling extremely tired and no energy. We sent Samuel to school then went for breakfast, before we went back and rest. As Jesse is still recovering, she is very manja. I tried not to let her see me, else she will cry and manja even more.

I had a short nap before we went and pick Samuel at 11.30am. Came back not long I slept again. I did not eat much for lunch as I don't have the appetite to eat, too fatigue to eat.

I woke up about 2.30pm and by this time, Jesse was much better and refuse to take her nap eventhough she was very tired. Daddy fed her fever medicine at 1pm as she was still having fever.

This is the 2nd time I took this medicine. I wanted to avoid this but I need to recover fast. It is already 7pm now and almost 24hours since I took this medicine and I think I can still sleep for the next 24hours!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Package

On Wednesday, daddy visited the clinic as he was having fever due to his infection caused by his severe allergy. He was on steriods AGAIN. But this time was a different type. He is still on medication and his condition hasn't really improved.

Daddy's medicine

Jesse's Medicine

Mummy's medicine

Samuel's Medicine

Yesterday night, Jesse started to have running nose and mild fever. Today daddy brought her to see the paedatrician. We think that her condition must be serious as the paed usually doesn't prescribe antibiotics.

Later afternoon, I went and see doctor as I felt that my condition was not really good. I have blocked nose since yesterday.

This morning I heard Samuel coughing as well. So we decided to put him on medication.

I am clearing my annual leaves for the next 2 weeks. We will be flying back to Malaysia for a week. I pray that all of us will recover before we leave for KL.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Melted Daddy

These 3 simple words are not just written (without any assistance) on a doodle board... they are engraved deeply in daddy's heart...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She is Not Simon from "Alvin and The Chipmunks"

Samuel loves to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks. Although at times he is afraid of that show, especially the part when Dave shouts for Alvin. His reason is that it was very loud when he calls for Alvin.

Everytime when Dave gives Simon the specs, he will request Jesse to put on hers as well. Jesse is his version of Simon, the chipmunk.

Jesse @ 17 months

- Height = really no idea but definitely shorter than Samuel when he was her age
- Weight = no idea but seems like getting heavier
- Teeth 4 top, 4 bottom, 2 top halfway sprouting ( I think )
- There are few nights she sleeps through, few nights in a month
- If she wants you to "sayang" her, she will pretend that she hurts herself and complains that its painful by showing or pointing to the part which is painful
- Very manja
- Doesn't like to brush teeth
- Loves to watch TV
- Has good appetite
- Drinks 6oz morning and afternoon, 8oz before sleep, 40z of prune juice every morning
- Loves swimming
- Doesn't baby talk much, more on sign language

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Girl

Jesse has been very clingy to me since her very first maid left end of February. I thought it is just a temporary thing that she clings on to me but till today she is still very attached to me.

Most of the times, she only wants mummy. Whenever daddy offer to carry her, she will refuse and will cuddle and cling on to mummy even more. I am still enjoying every moment with her, hmmm.... feel sooooo good that someone is so attached to me hehe...

Besides mummy, she is still very in love with her winnie the pooh.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Priceless! Again!

Swimsuit = $ 40

Swimming Classes = $ 100

Photo of Jesse Swimming, Underwater = Priceless!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Big Boy

Samuel has been very dependent although he can do most of the things himself. He expects us to feed him, change his clothes, bring him to toilet, brush his teeth, wear his socks and shoes etc. Only once in a blue moon, he will tell me he wants to do it all by himself. Sometimes when we insisted that he need to do certain things by himself and if his mood is good, he will do as requested, else he will want to cry.

Today, he gave me a surprise. It was during his nap when he suddenly has the urged to pee. He went to the toilet but wet his pants. He went to get a fresh clean pants from his drawer, took out his pants and changed it all by himself, then went back to his bed trying to continue his nap.

It was when I wanted to go to my room I heard some sound from his room and decided to check on him. I was surprised he was already awake and saw him in his pyjama pants. I asked him who changed him and he told me he changed it all by himself. Later, I asked the maid if she changed it for him but she doesn’t seem to know that he peed.

I then asked him to continue to sleep. When it was about time to send him to his music class, I went to his room to change him and he was not there. He was in his toilet, sitting on the toilet bowl and trying to pass motion.

I feel that he is really a big boy now. If only he will continue doing things all by himself.

Tea Time with Mummy

Daddy's 1st attempt to blog from his phone. Hopefully it will turn out ok. While waiting for Samuel to come out from his music class, daddy & mummy decided to pak toh & have tea together. Picture speaks a thousand words.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Credit Card Redemption

This is what I redeemed from my SCB platinum credit card. I feel that their redemption system is very lousy. You will have to redeem it within a year, else it will be forfeited.

I only applied these cards a year ago and used it only for 6 months, ie. first half of the year. Since daddy got his cards and gave me a supplementary card, we hardly use my cards anymore.

With close to 6K points, I managed to redeem $190 worth shopping vouchers in one of the supermarkets. With this $190, we can probably get 3 enfakids and 3 enfagrow, which can last for about 5 weeks.

We have accumulated about 6k reward points. Initially I thought that the return was quite attractive as usually with $1 you will get 1 reward point. And with this $6k spent we can redeemed $190.

Only later I remembered that SCB points is $5 = 1 point. Gosh! That means we have spent $30k for only 6 months? And by spending $30k we only got $190 in return? And SCB still wanted to charge me 50% annual fees!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

His & Her # 2 Eating Habits

Since age 1, Samuel has a very bad eating habit. He doesnt spit the food, he only keeps it in his mouth. He can keep the food in his mouth for hours. We will have to keep stuffing more food in his mouth in order for him to swallow some of the food. He can never finish his food in his mouth. Usually towards the end we will have to take out the food for him, because he only chew and swallow when his mouth is really full. Either that, he falls asleep towards the end with his mouth full of food.

Jesse is totally the oppossite. Is either she eats or she doesn't. Either she spits or she swallows. She doesn't keep food inside the mouth. The food she likes, she is willing to eat and every time she sees her bowl she is very eager to eat.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Swimming Goggles = $20

Swimming Lessons = $60

Photo of Samuel Swimming, Underwater = Priceless!


Since baby, many people (especially strangers) always mistaken Samuel as a girl. Their reasons were either because of his hair, his eyes or his complexion. I am not surprised as it was not easy to differentiate a boy or a girl when he was a baby. But he is coming 4 and still there are people who mistaken him as a girl.

Last week, daddy brought his colleague from KL to one of the Thai restaurants nearby for dinner. Samuel and I tagged along. After our dinner, the lady boss of the Thai restaurant came over and chatted with me. Suddenly she asked if Samuel is a boy or a girl. After I told her he is a boy her remarks were "Oh he really looks like a girl", "Maybe is the hair", "The eyes also makes him look like a girl".

Daddy mentioned to me that one of his clients saw our blog and when she saw the header she asked daddy where is our son. After daddy told her then she commented that he looks like a girl.

During our trip to HK, the HK immigration officer also commented that he looks like a girl. I thought it is obvious that he is a boy now. But looks like there are people who will still mistaken him as a girl.

Does that mean only girls will have thick hair, only girls will have big beautiful eyes, only girls will have fair complexion? If you have any of those, you will look like a girl?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Babies Playtime with Daddy

Last night, daddy spent some quality time with the "babies" before they went to sleep. Daddy had an excellent time playing with both Samuel and Jesse. We played "giddy up horsy" and daddy carried both Samuel and Jesse all over the place.

One thing daddy noticed, Jesse doesn't allow Samuel to stick to daddy and Jesse will push koko away everytime koko tries to keep daddy in his possession.. Daddy felt good that he was "highly in demand" by both Samuel and Jesse.

Most of the time, daddy will ask Samuel to give in to Jesse and Jesse will have daddy wholly to herself :p (Poor little Samuel) hehe

Daddy would love to post some photos of his playtime with the babies but there was no camera near him at that time. Even if there was, daddy usually will be the cameraman and as usual, not being in the photo. hehe. Will get mummy to shoot some photos to remember these moments the next time daddy spends time with the "babies"

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