Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day 2007

This year's Valentines Day is very different. We have Baby Jesse with us this time and there are 4 of us in a family. hehe...

It started off very early 12.00am when i went and gave a surprise to my beautiful wife... i quietly bought her some gifts for Valentines Day and one of which is a Valentines Day card from Samuel & Jesse to Mummy... hehehe... i can see how happy my wife was especially when she see the card which has 2 pieces of 2R photos of Samuel & Jesse... hehehe...

In the evening, we had our Valentines Dinner together, all the 4 of us. We went to this place called Senja Lounge, and it was a candle light dinner. Some photos of today's Valentines Day as below:
1. Jesse in her dress

2. Samuel with a rose

3. The rose, the wine and the candle light

4. The family of 4

5. The appetizers and starters

6. The main course (Salmon with prawns)

7. The main course (Steak with prawns)

8. The desert

9. The Samuel - not knowing whats going on... where are the lights?? hehehe...

10. Samuel insisted on looking at the fountain after dinner... hehehe...

After that, we went home and put both Samuel and Baby Jesse to bed...

Thanking God for an amazing day with the family... What a blessing... hehehe...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jesse's 1st Month Party Photos

As mentioned in my previous blog, here are some photos of Jesse's 1st Month Celebration on 11th February 2007.

1. Baby Jesse in the arms of Aunty Karen. 1st dress (One of my favourites) hehe...

2. Everyone helping themselves to the food

3. Chloe holding Baby Jesse

4. Ing Siong and Baby Jesse

5. Siew Fung carrying Baby Jesse. Ing Ing carrying Caleb. Chloe posing. hehe..
6. New play area upstairs. Photo taken of Mummy, Caleb, Samuel and Hannah

7. Baby Jesse and her presents

A day to remember how God has blessed us. To Him be All Glory!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Jesse is 1 Month Old

Gee... i never realised that 1 month has passed so quickly... On Sunday, 11th February 2007, Jesse just turned 1 month old... thats the same day as my sister, Angeline Thoo's birthday... she just turned 32.. hehe..

Baby Jesse's 1 month old (in chinese we call it full moon) celebration, we took the time to thank God for his awesome blessing to us... Baby Jesse...

As i haven't had the chance to transfer the photos from my camera on this event, i will post the photos in my next blog to let everyone take a look at our small little event that we had for Baby Jesse...

Daddy & Mummy took a lot of planning and last minute preparations to make sure that everything went well...

We set up a play area upstairs in the guest room especially for Samuel and the kids too. Moved all the sofas downstairs and dismantled a bed... brought up all the soft colourful rubber flooring... playhouse (with plenty of balls)... tunnel.... slide... toys... toys... and more toys.... hehehe...

Food came last minute as the caterers delayed the arrival of the food but praise God... everything arrived and was prepared by 3.1opm. Eventhough the event started at 3.00pm, our first guests arrived at 2.50pm... hehe...

Baby Jesse put on 2 dresses for the day... and looked so pretty and adorable.. hehe... just like my lovely beautiful wife... hehe... There are so many things to adore about Baby Jesse... hehe... light brown eyes.... soft curly hair... cute little chubby cheeks.. hehehe... so irresistible... hehe..

A truly amazing blessing from God... Baby Jesse...

Oh.. before i forget... hehehe...

The answer to the previous blog... Samuel or Jesse?
1. Samuel
2. Jesse
3. Samuel
4. Jesse

hehehe... they look alike, huh? hehehe...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Alvin Thoo, a father of 2

Recently i've been spending some time looking at my princess baby jesse. She reminds me of Samuel when he was a baby. Lets see if you can tell the difference.

1. Samuel or Jesse ?

2. Samuel or Jesse ?

3. Samuel or Jesse ?

4. Samuel or Jesse?

The answers will be revealed in the next blog. hehe.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Samuel's 1st School Trip

Thanks to everyone for the good comments and feedback about the simple blog that i started a few days back. hehehe...
As mentioned in my previous blog that i will put my family photo in my next blog, i just realised that i do not have a proper family photo taken yet with Baby Jesse. Its about time that i should set up the camera on a tripod to take a few good shots of my family...

Anyway, just want to share this special shot that i took of Samuel and Baby Jesse ...
See Baby Jesse looking at Samuel while Samuel is smiling at the camera... hehehe...

Samuel's 1st School Trip to Berakas Fire Station
On 31st January 2007, Samuel had his 1st school trip, to the Berakas Fire Station.
Here, it was Samuel's first time sitting in a bus too. The photo below is a photo of Samuel with his classmates when they first arrived at the Fire Station.
Samuel wondering whats happening? Where is he? Whats everyone doing? hehe...
When Samuel, his classmates and the teachers arrived, they got together to see the Fire Brigade's Parade marching. Most of the cute little ones looks blurr.. its like "whats going on?" hehehe... so cute..

Following to that, they went to see how the firemen handles a snake... a big python probably about 2 metres long... hmm.. Samuel was afraid of going near the snake eventhough 2 firemen were holding the snake down... One of Samuel's friend, Justin, actually touched the snake. The photo below is taken behind the crowd of the children who were looking at the snake.

Samuel and Daddy at the Fire Station

The children moved on to take a look at the Fire Brigade's equipements. Here, they have their chance to touch and play some of the equipments under supervision of the Firemen.

Samuel and the Fire Brigade's equipments and 2 Fire Engines

The Firemen also demonstrated how they attach a hose on a Fire Engine to spray the water. The children started to be excited to hold the hose but the Firemen only allowed them to touch it as the water pressure is too strong. Samuel only went close to the Firemen but was too afraid to go near and touch the hose.

Samuel and Daddy waiting to sit in a Fire Engine

After looking at the Fire Brigade's equipments, we were surprised that we were invited to actually sit in a Fire Engine and they took us on a short tour in the Fire Engine around the Berakas area. Initially before the trip, Samuel was so afraid of going into the Fire Engine. The moment he has settled down in the Fire Engine, he was so excited. hehehe... It was a 15 minutes Fire Engine ride and Samuel was so talkative telling the Firemen that the traffic light was red or green. hehehe... There were about 6 children in the Fire Engine each trip and 2 Fire Engines were being used to bring the children on the short tour. hehe...

Samuel and the Fire Engine he was in for the short tour

The photo above is after we have finished our short tour. Samuel's 1st School Trip ended with a bus ride back to his school.
Todays blog is mostly on Samuel's 1st School Trip as my beautiful wife is still in her confinement after delivery. Baby Jesse has also been staying at home. The only place Baby Jesse has been to after coming home from the hospital is the Malaysian High Commision to do her Baby Birth Certificate. hehehe...
Ok. Will blog more again soon. God Bless!

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