Friday, October 31, 2008

Samuel's Haircut

Daddy can remember quite clearly when Samuel was younger, he was petrified going to the barber. He would cry cry and cry until both daddy and mummy are stressed out.

He is much better now and we took the chance to take some photographs of his expressions during his haircut.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

Jesse always wants to sleep with mummy. Sometimes on top of mummy, most of the time next to mummy.

Daddy took a shot of a photo of Jesse and mummy sleeping.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jerudong Park Playground

The Jerudong Park Playground is just down the road from our home. It has been 2 months since we went to the playground with Samuel and Jesse.

Daddy found these photos taken by mummy's phone, the last time we were in JP Playground.

Samuel & the Carousel
Mummy & Jesse on the Carousel
Samuel Riding a Cat

Midnight Pee

This morning, I was awaken by some sound. I heard some switches sounds in one of the rooms and I thought it was my maid has started her morning chores. When I found out that it was only 2am, my first thought was I have heard it wrongly. But I decided to check.

When I went into Samuel's room, I was surprised that he was not in bed and I turned my head to the toilet. The toilet light was on and I saw my maid before i saw Samuel. She was actually bringing Samuel to the toilet to pee. He has already wet his pants and he looks wide awake.

My maid told me that he went down and opened her room's door to look for her. It caught me by surprise. The stairs and the corridor going to her room was dark. He went down the stairs into the dark to look for her. Usually he will come to our room if he needs us to bring him to toilet.

After he peed, the maid wiped him and changed his pants. His bed was not wet. I think he managed to hold on to his pee but he couldn't hold on long enough. I then asked him to continue to go to sleep. I asked if he slept before going to pee, he answered me no! But I doubt it, if he has not slept, I don't think he had peed in his pants.

I guess he must be afraid of us as he has wet his pants. I don't recall that we have scolded him before if he wet his pants. He has been very well behave and very good at potty trainning. He was 100% diaperless as young as 2, and it is very rare for him to have any pee accidents.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Samuel's First Cinema Movie

We finally brought Samuel to the cinema on Sunday. It was his first movie - High School Musical 3. Because of his condition (fear of sound), we have not been bringing him to any places, which we think, is not suitable for him.

More than a week ago, we brought him to a children dance concert and he enjoyed it very much because his friends performed in the concert. Since we were on the 3rd row from the front (VIP seats), it was very loud. To our surprise, Samuel did not complain and he wasn't afraid of the loud noise too.

He was definitely much better now as compared to a few months ago. He has overcome part of his fear to loud sounds. However, he is still afraid of loud fire crackers and is still very concerned if someone laughed loudly.

Throughout the whole movie, he either kept talking, kicking the front seat (thank God, no one sat in front of him) or moving about (sit and stand, sit and stand). When daddy asked him to stop talking, kicking or moving, he started to show us his sad face. I have to hug him by leaning towards him so that he can sit still.

He told us that he enjoyed the movie and wanted to watch it again. Now, everytime we pass by the Empire Resort (where the cinema is), Samuel will ask us if he can go catch a movie, High School Musical 3.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dinner for Thoo

Most of the time, when we go out for dinner, it will be a family dinner with Samuel and Jesse. Today, daddy dated mummy and brought mummy out for dinner.

11 years ago, 27th October 1997, daddy started dating mummy while they were in perth, university sweethearts. 11 years later, daddy wanted mummy to remember the first time we started.

Daddy pre-ordered some orange roses this morning and delivered it to mummy's office. Eventhough mummy was in a meeting, daddy have the flowers placed in mummy's office to surprise her.

In the evening when mummy came home, daddy already made reservations for dinner. We went to Charcoal BBQ and Grill. Daddy has already decided and pre-ordered our meals so when we arrived, dinner could be immediately served.

Mummy and Daddy in Charcoal BBQ and Grill

Daddy's Lamb Shank in Spicy Plum Sauce with Freshly Tossed Salad and Mashed Potatoes
Mummy's Rebel Honey Ribs with Coleslaw and Potato Wedges

11 years ago, daddy and mummy were still studying in Perth. 11 years later, daddy and mummy has been blessed with our little miracles, Samuel and Jesse.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Osim uJog?

Another Osim exercise machine for the family? hehe

This brings back something that happened about a month ago when daddy brought the family out shopping in one of the shopping malls in Brunei.

While we were shopping, daddy brought our indonesian maid to the car (in the basement parking) to go get something. While daddy was locking the car in the carpark, daddy asked the maid to go look for mummy and the babies first.

When daddy went back into the shopping mall, daddy was shocked looking at our maid running so so fast.... but the funny thing was... she was not going anywhere despite running extremely fast... (hmm... how can daddy describe this better)

Daddy saw the largest treadmill being used... hehe

The maid was running on the escalator that is moving on the opposite direction... (innocently).. and daddy was shocked.... not just daddy... but the workers and cashier was shocked too.... daddy saw the workers in the mall literally "drop jaw" wondering what our maid was doing....

When daddy saw this... daddy asked:

Daddy : What are you doing?? (in Malay)
Maid : Oh Sir, i am going to look for Ma'am (running faster and faster on the escalator, not going anywhere)
Daddy : Come down now, you are running on the wrong direction (Acting serious but actually laughing madly inside)
Maid : Ok Sir (running even faster, with no expression on the face... whatsoever)
Daddy : o_O
*Everyone at the mall was staring at the maid*

Treadmill? Escalator? Osim uJog... ? hehe

Family New Toy

Daddy bought me a new machine a week ago, after I complaint several times that some of my pants started to get tight. I was really keen to do some exercises but was kinda lazy to go to the gym or jog. So, daddy bought me Osim's U-Robic after reading some good comments on this. This is the new version of Osim's i-Gallop, a whole body exercise machine.

Not only mummy and daddy has been using it. Both Samuel and Jesse has been playing with it as well. So this is not only mummy's toy, it is our family's toy. :p

Friday, October 24, 2008

Punch Balloon

We bought these punch balloons in August during our trip back to KL but was kept in the cabinet till today. In the evening, we decided to let them playing with the balloon. Daddy blew the blue balloon for Samuel while Jesse was waiting impatient.

Both of them enjoy playing and punching the balloon. They were running and shouting around the living room with the balloon.

Samuel, being a sweaty person, sweat till his hair are really wet even with the fan and aircond are switched on.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Their New Learning Toys

We bought this Leap Frog Leap Pad Learning System for Samuel. I have always wanted to get him the Leap Frog Touch Pad when he was younger but we got him a similar learning toy from Fisher Price when he was about 2. The main reason was because we could get the FP catridges in Brunei. We couldn't find any Leap Frog products here at that time.

We wanted to get Jesse the touch pad when getting Samuel the leap pad. But after having second thought, I decided not to since we already have something similar which is suitable for Jesse. Now, Samuel's Fisher Price Power Touch Learning System was handed over to Jesse, but she was not really interested in it, just like Samuel when he was at her age.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DIY Fishing Toy

Daddy made a fishing toy for Samuel last week. He tied a small magnet to a stick, (which we have been using as a cane) as a fishing rod. Daddy drew and cut out some sea animals on coloured foam, then staple the foam and treat it as the sea animal's mouth for the magnet to stick.

Unwanted Guest!!

Last Sunday when I was getting Jesse ready for Hari Raya open house (yes, they are still celebrating Hari Raya till today), I asked our maid to put the children's bag in the car. When I overheard her saying theres a snake (ada ular), I ignored her. I thought I have heard her wrongly. After awhile she said it again, I quickly tell daddy who then rushed to go check it out.

There was a cobra in our garage! A very fierce baby cobra. Daddy doesn't know what to do and when he was about to take something to hit the snake, it crept away and hid behind our fire extinguisher box. Then, daddy called the fire brigade. Its a good thing the fire station is nearby.

The firemen arrived in less than 10 minutes. With the equipment and their experiences, it looks so easy for them to catch the snake. They managed to catch the snake in less than 2minutes. We were informed that although its just a baby, it is very poisonous. One small strike and we (even adults) will end up warded in a hospital. Many thanks to the efficient Brunei Firemen. :)

We then hop into the car and continued with our plan to go to the Hari Raya open house.

Today, I received a caution sms. Our neigbhour sighted a KING COBRA at their home, which is only 2 houses away from ours. Gulp.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in action

I did not notice that we have been missing for a week. We have been busy settling some issues recently. Many things happened at the same time and we need time to digest.

Some of the things that frustrates us are :

1. Sorting out paypal account. I can't accept payment because I'm in Brunei !
2. Received irritating and threatening smses
3. Daddy's laptop having major problems
4. Our lawyer has not settled our property issues and to make things worse, she gave us wrong information!
5. Daddy is facing some work related issues that has not been sorted out
6. Internet very slow......

Will start blogging again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early Morning with...... Part II - Maid

As mentioned earlier, I was very surprised to see my maid started cooking at 4.45am. I used to tell her to cook at around 6.30am. She can get ready the ingredients earlier but don't cook too early.

Not only I was surprised to see her started to cook so early, I was extremely surprised to see her fill the wok with so much oil (almost 4 cups of oil), just to stir fry (not deep fry) the chicken.

When I asked her to clean the house first before she starts cooking, she told me she has completed all the chores, only left mopping. She said she woke up at 4 am to do the work. In just 45 m she poured some hot boiled water to the jugs, washed 2 airpots and fill with water to put to boil, do laundry (few handwash), sweep the floor (living and dinning room), wipe and clean the tables and cabinets, cook rice and get ready the ingredients for cooking? I'm not sure if she really can complete this in 45 m as she is kinda slow in her work.

On the day she needs to wash car, she wakes up at 4 am, else she wakes up at 4.30 am. I told her to wake up at 5am but she said she can't finish the work on time. We have 2 cars and we only asked her to wash our cars once a week each. She says she only wakes up at 4 am twice a week. Whatever she does, she needs to get ready herself clean by 7am, before she gets Samuel ready to school.

Although she is hardworking (I think), her work is not so clean. We have to be very specific and detail in telling her the things we need her to do. Sometimes when we tell her to do "A", she will perceived it as "B".

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jesse's Vocabulary

It has been quite worrying for both daddy and mummy when Jesse doesn't seem to be speaking much at her age.

She hardly calls "mummy" and as long as i can recall... she has vaguely called me "daddy". The best she does calling me daddy is "di"

Recently, daddy is so happy that Jesse has picked up a few words and she speaks it out pretty well too..

Jesse's 1st few words.
1. mummy
2. cocoyo (pocoyo)
3. ye-o (yellow)
4. geeee (please)
5. kew (thank you)
6. der (there)
7. no no (no)
8. mmm (yes.. nodding her head)
9. mau (mickey mouse)
10. duck (duck)
11. goo (goofy)
12. poo (winnie the pooh)
13. yay (hurray)
14. bebi (baby)
15. ko (kor kor - brother)
16. kak (kakak - maid/sister)
17. beh woon (baloon)
18. boh (ball)
19. nait nait (goodnight)
20. bai (goodbye)
21. pel (apple)
22. range (orange)
23. tar (star)
24. all i can remember for the moment...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Kisses"

Yesterday, Jesse was "kissed" by the mosquito(s). She woke up in the morning with 2 extra dots. We do not understand where does the mozzies come from. Our house is fully netted and yet on and off we see mosquitos flying here and there in our house.

Both Samuel and Jesse are allergic to mozzie bites. A little bite will make them swollen. But Jesse's allergy is not as bad as Samuel.

If this happened to Samuel, he would definitely look like this again.

We brought Jesse to see the doctor as the bite was swollen with pus. She has an infection and was prescribed with antibiotics. After the antibiotic and cream, she is much better.
The same night, we bought the insect killer and used it immediately. But I do not know how effective this is as I woke up in the morning with 2 mossie bites on my hand.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sushi Feast

We had sushi for dinner yesterday. Japanese food is one of our favourites.

Daddy booked and pre ordered because it is usually very packed and it takes time before our food is served. Once we were there, most of the dishes ordered were ready.
Sandwich Sushi (left) & Hamachi Salad (right) 
These were once mummy's favourite (2-3 years ago). Started to get abit bored with it.
Philadelphia Maki
Ichiban roll
Our favourite - Lamb Misoyaki
Mummy's favourite - Salmon Sashimi
Daddy's favourite - Special California Temaki

Daddy giving thumbs up to Special California Temaki
Daddy enjoying his favourite

I have no idea what daddy has ordered. I only went there to eat.... hahahaha.... But that is what we usually order if we are having Japanese food.

It looks like a sushi feast to me. After 2nd pieces of sushi I started to feel full. I had 1 Special California Temaki, 1 pc of Sandwich Sushi, 1 pc of Onokomiyaki, uncountable pieces of salmon sashimi and half the portion of Lamb Misoyaki.

We have leftover of Hamachi Salad and Okonomiyaki as well as Philadephia Maki and Ichiban rolls untouched. Daddy likes to order alot and always ends up that we can't finish. Anyway, we took away the leftover.
The leftover

Tag : I Love Your Blog

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Since I'm suppose to nominate only 7 (play by rules), there goes my list:
1. Ginie
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7. Jazzmint

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early morning with...... Part I - Jesse

I was about to blog about Jesse sleeping through the night and this wee hour in the morning she woke up asking for milk. Argg.....

I have been ignoring her for the past 2 weeks when she was showing her tantrum middle of the night or very early in the morning, usually between 2-3am or 4-5am. Since baby she has been very demanding at night. Only when she is sick and on drowsy medication or once in a blue moon, she will sleep through without making any noise.

For the past 2weeks, when she makes noise, its either we ignore her totally or we will feed her water. She will finish her water and goes back to sleep. Usually when she makes noise, her eyes are closed.

This morning she climb from her baby bed to sleep in between us. And when she started to make noise, she started kicking and rolling. I wanted to give her water initially but I was not strict enough. Since she will be drinking, why not give her milk which is more nutricious than water.

It was 4.45am when we gave her milk. Since I'm already awake, I decided to check on the maid. Our maid was with us for 2 months and I have not wake up in the morning to train her. I was surprise to see her cooking our lunch at 4.45 am! .................... to be continued

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rebellious Samuel

Lately Samuel has been very rebellious. Not only mummy has lost his patience, daddy was frustrated with him as well. I hope it is just a phase... a very short phase that he is going through.

At times he can be very mean to Jesse. There were occassions where Jesse was eyeing on the things that he was playing and upon many requests from me or daddy to share with it with Jesse, Samuel will purposely hide it somewhere where Jesse can't find it. Poor Jesse will then cry looking for the thing.

If we ask him to do certain things, he will ask why Jesse is not doing it and then do it unwillingly showing us his tantrum. Many times he will say, "Look at my eyes, I am angry". When he does that, I will tell him "I am also angry". Its a good thing when I tell him i'm angry he dare not challenge me and will come to me later and asked if I'm still angry.

I hope he will not grow up to be rebellious or disobedient to us.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Verdict : Eyes

Few months back I posted a dog picture which Samuel was afraid. It was not the dog that he was afraid of. At that time I was suspecting is because the dog closes his eyes. But after showing the same picture over and over again, he was no longer afraid of it.

Today, Samuel brought back a story book titled Queen Clara, which he chose from his school library. In the evening, I gave him the story book while I was watching tv and reading blogs at the same time. In between, he asked me the words he doesn't know. He managed to read almost the whole book by himself.

When he was almost finishing the story book, he asked me to flip the page. I didn't understand the reason why and I just did what was told. He emphasised to flip only 1 page and he was pressing the page that I wanted to flip, making sure I only flip a page. I think he must have flipped and saw something which he doesn't like. Then he continued to read and I did not bother much.

After reading the page, he said he will continue tomorrow. I was a little surprised as he loves reading stories and usually doesn't want to stop but he requested to continue it the next day. However, I did not ask him and just let it be.

Later, he told me Queen Clara is sleeping. I didn't understand what he was talking about and asked him further. He gave me the book and asked me to flip to the last page. When I was about to flip he quickly closed his EARS. I asked him why he closed his ears and his answer was because Queen Clare was sleeping, cannot make noise.

In actual fact, he was afraid of Queen Clara's picture because she close her eyes as she was sleeping. I tried a few times, and each time I wanted to open that page, he will quickly close his ears tightly.

Why is he afraid of those closing eyes picture? And why close his ears and not eyes when hes afraid?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The 4 Shoes

Today has been an interesting day for us. We're The 4 Thoos and let us introduce you to The 4 Shoes.

Its a family shoe shopping day. We bought 4 pairs of shoes today for daddy, mummy, Samuel and Jesse

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2008 Aidilfitri

1st day of Hari Raya falls on Thursday, although we thought that it would falls on Wednesday. Anyway Thursday would be better for us, as we will have a long weekend.

This year, it is abit quieter as compared to last year. We did not go to many open houses. Only one or two houses for the first 3 days. However, this might be better as we do not like to keep going to open houses and we have more quality time with the children.

4 of Us