Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3 - MovieWorld, Gold Coast

Day 2 was not as tiring as expected, we saw the MovieWorld's map and thought that it would be less tiring cause its actually a smaller Themepark. We underestimated MovieWorld. :)

We woke up around 7.00am and had our quick breakfast before catching our pre-booked (door 2 door) bus to MovieWorld (GC Shuttle).

We arrived at MovieWorld at around 10.00am. We were excited and quickly went into MovieWorld. When we entered, we were greeted by 3 Super Heroes. Flash, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern. Samuel & Jesse took some photos with them.

The 1st ride we saw was the scary Superman Roller Coaster ride. Being parents to little ones, it was not the kind of ride we were looking for. So, we went to the main street and took some photos. Daddy took a photo with Marilyn Monroe and CatWoman. Samuel then took a photo with Martian. Martian showed Samuel how to play the Wii Fit and Samuel had his turn to play Wii Fit too.
We quickly went to WB Kids and both Samuel & Jesse enjoyed the many rides. After the rides, we went straight to the Looney Tunes show watching many of Samuel & Jesse's favourite characters such as, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Sylvester & Lola Bunny.

After the show, we managed to "buy" a chance for Samuel & Jesse to take some photos with Bugs Bunny & Tweety Bird.

We had our lunch and quickly went for the 4D Shrek movie. Having Samuel & Jesse, we opted for the seats marked "reserved" for the weak hearted.

As usual, Samuel's favourite among all, was his "water splashing time". We brought both Samuel & Jesse there and finally had some time to sit down and rest.

We then proceeded to the Main Street to watch the MovieWorld Parade. Austin Powers hosted the Parade and all the rest of the WB Characters came out to greet us too. Despite the loud noise and music, Jesse is still sleeping during the parade.

Mummy was excited to go for the 4D Shrek movie again after the parade. We quickly went to watch 4D Shrek. This time, it was Not the "reserved" seats for the weak hearted. We were sure that Samuel and Jesse can withstand the thrill. :) It was good.

We did some last minute shopping on Main Street, took some photos and took the bus back to our hotel.

Mummy again, bath our little ones while daddy went out to bring dinner back to the hotel, and yes we had Chinese food again :p We had our dinner and rested early.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2 - SeaWorld, Gold Coast

The sun rises at 5.30am in Surfers Paradise. Mummy woke up early because Samuel and Jesse played with the hotel's alarm clock and mummy was worried that we overslept.

Daddy woke up around 7.00am and our little ones at 8.00am. We had our simple breakfast and quickly went to the bus stop to catch the bus no. 750 to SeaWorld.
Samuel was very excited to get to SeaWorld. We reached SeaWorld just at the time it opened 10.00am. Surprisingly, we expected it to be more crowded but the waiting/queueing time was just nice.
The moment we entered into SeaWorld, we were greeted by Elmo and Zoe. Both Samuel and Jesse could not resist but to immediately run towards them and hugged them. We took the chance to take a few photos with Elmo & Zoe.

From there, we went and checked out the Shark Bay. Samuel had a close encounter with Stingrays and a Star Fish too. After that, we went to see the Polar Bears. We then went back to the Monorail Station and took the monorail to catch the Dolphin show. It was amazing. Both Samuel and Jesse was amazed by the dolphins.
Immediately after the Dolphin show, we took the cable car and walked to the food court and had our lunch. While waiting for our lunch, mummy spotted Cookie Monster and Grover taking photos just outside the food court. When daddy came back with lunch, mummy, Samuel & Jesse went to take some photos with them.
As we were eating, Samuel and Jesse spotted Bert and Ernie. We quickly went to take some photos with Bert and Ernie too.

When we finished our lunch, Samuel and Jesse was already very excited to go for the rides. We brought them to the Sesame Beach for some kiddie rides.
After the rides, we quickly went and catch the Sesame Street Show at 3.30pm.
Our SeaWorld grand finale was bringing Samuel and Jesse to have fun in the water at Sesame Beach.

Surprisingly, SeaWorld was not as big as we expected it to be. It is just nice for a family with little ones.

When we left SeaWorld, we took the same bus 750 back to the hotel. It was only a 10 minutes bus ride.

Mummy bath our little ones while daddy went out to buy dinner. Daddy came back with dinner (with Jesse's favourite soup, again). It is Daddy's joy to see our children enjoying their meals.

We rested early as we wanted to have more energy for Day 3 in MovieWorld.

Day 1 - Brisbane to Gold Coast

We took the 1am direct flight to Brisbane on the 19th Sept. It was less than 7 hours flight. Both the kids were still very active while we were at the airport but Jesse dose off not long after we boarded the plane.
We reached Brisbane at 10.10am and we took the AirTrain to Gold Coast. We pre-booked the AirtrainConnect. The train ride brought us to Nerang station (Gold Coast) and a driver chauffeured us to our hotel, Gold Coast International. It took us about 90 minutes from Brisbane International Airport to Nerang Station and about 15 minutes drive from the Nerang Station to Gold Coast International Hotel, Surfer's Paradise.
By the time we arrived at the hotel and settled down, its about 1.30 pm. We rested for a while while daddy went to grab some food nearby. Mummy, Samuel & Jesse was already asleep by the time daddy came back with our food.

View from our hotel room

We wanted to take the 1 hour city tour (Aquaduck) at 4.15 pm and we have to be there at least 20 minutes before the tour time. So we continued to rest after lunch till about 3pm. It was hard for us to get out of bed cause we were so tired. We wanted to buy some food at Coles before it closes at 5 pm.

By the time we finished our short shopping at Coles (Chevron Renaissance, Elkhorn Avenue), we rushed to the Aquaduck booth. We missed the 4.15pm tour cause the tickets were sold out. Since we didn't get to go on the Aquaduck tour, we instead went to check out the shopping arcades.
We bought our simple chinese food dinner cause we saw one of the chinese restaurants having Jesse's favourite soup on their menu (Sweet corn & egg soup). Since we have been travelling the whole day, Jesse hasn't been eating much. When we reached the hotel, we were very happy that Jesse ate at least 4 servings of rice. :) Daddy's joy is to see our children enjoying their meals.

Since it has been a tiring day, we decided to bath the kids before we put them to sleep. We need to rest before the exciting Day 2 - SeaWorld.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are back. We touched down yesterday evening.

It was a great trip but very tiring. The kids body clock is still not properly adjusted yet although Brisbane is only 2 hours ahead of our time. They both woke up at 630am this morning. Samuel skipped school today because he has some phlegm. It is nothing serious but I think its better for him to stay at home for a day or two.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

1am At The Airport

We're at the airport boarding the midnight flight to Brisbane. Surprisingly, both Samuel & Jesse are wide awake. Just hope they will sleep on the flight so that we too can catch some sleep. Above is a photo of Jesse playing with her gloves.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Holiday Checklist

When we are packing for our holiday, i made a checklist just incase i forgotten to bring anything. I've segregated our checklist to "ours", "children", "medicine & supplements".

When Samuel saw the checklist, he too wanted to bring his stuff along. He kept reminding us to bring pen & paper so that he can do drawing. While busy packing, Samuel consistently reminded us until he stopped telling us. I then noticed, he has included it in Our Holiday Checklist.

Daddy's Birthday

I'm very happy and blessed that i could celebrate my birthday with the love of my life and my babies :)

Its the first time mummy made a cake and it is a super delicious chocolate cheesecake. yum yum

Thank you mummy for the wonderful surprise and the special cake. I love you... and the babies too :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Making Sentences

On the last day of school, Samuel brought back alot of work done in Term 3.

Most of the work done are in loose sheets, they do not have any exercise book (I do not understand why).

From the loose sheets, I found some interesting sentences that he made in the "making sentences" worksheets.

Short - The short is long
Universe - The universe is in the sky
Finger - The hand got finger

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Term 3

End of term 3 started on the 12th of September. Samuel will be on school holiday for 2 weeks. We started to plan our family holiday since July, a 9 day trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast.

On the last day of school, Samuel brought back a lot of homework (he hardly brings back any homework), mainly english and bahasa homework. I have not seen anything on mathematics and I wonder how is he progressing in mathematics. I have to make sure he finishes his homework before we go for holiday.

He will be graduating his Montesorri end of the year. Although he will not be promoted to Year 1 because of his age, his class teacher has asked us to transfer him to another school if we decide to send him to traditional school in future. It would be best that he adapts to at least a year of kindergarten before going to Year 1 in traditional school.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mine Means Mine

Jesse is very particular about which things belong to who. Samuel at his age, and he still is very particular about positioning the things. Eg. we have a set of 7 dwarfs bought in HK which are kept in our living room display cabinet. When our maid wipes the cabinet, she will put aside the dwarfs and rearrange it after cleaning the cabinet. Samuel can spot the mistakes. He will rearrange which dwarf comes first then followed by the other dwarfs. He will rearrange back to the original position.

Jesse has followed his foot steps in positioning things. In fact, I think she is a little extreme. When I'm driving my car, she will say that I'm sitting on daddy's seat. She doesn't allow anyone sit on the left rear seat, her seat. Even if she is sitting infront she doesn't allow anyone to sit there. To her, the driver's seat is daddy's seat, next to daddy, it must be mummy's seat. Hers will be behind mummy and Samuel's seat is behind the driver's seat.

At times, when she sees daddy using my Mac she will not like it. Sometimes, she doesn't allow daddy to use my Mac at all. When I'm sitting on the recliner chair where daddy sit most of the time, she will say, "No, wrong". Sometimes when I use daddy's things she will also say, "No, its daddy's one".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Ugly Side

Jesse doesn't like to look at the mirror when she cries. Nor she allow us to take her photo. At times, I will purposely bring her to the mirror :p and she will show me the No No No sign and turn away. I think she knows she looks ugly when she cries :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baking Cookies With Samuel

I'm not a good cook nor am I good at baking. I can only cook simple dishes and I don't know how to bake. Since it was a public holiday on Monday, I decided to bake some cookies with Samuel. I bought those pre mixed ingredients to bake some cookies. I only need to add butter and egg :)

I got Samuel to assist me in mixing the butter, eggs and pre-mixed ingredients. When it turned into a dough, I wanted to shape it into some disney characters- mickey, minnie, pooh and tigger but I think I put too much butter. It was alittle too soft to shape. So we ended up doing just round shaped cookies.

I tried to spread out the dough in the tray but it "grew horizontally" so much so that it sticked and joined each other. The round cookies ended up to be one very big piece of rectangle cookie, as big as the tray. LOL
The second tray looks more presentable, well at least to me :)


Mummy : Too sweet especially the chocolate chips
Jesse : Yummy! I want cookies, I want. [and she keep asking for more]
Samuel : Wah this is the cookie. Yummy mummy.

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