Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day 2007

This year's Valentines Day is very different. We have Baby Jesse with us this time and there are 4 of us in a family. hehe...

It started off very early 12.00am when i went and gave a surprise to my beautiful wife... i quietly bought her some gifts for Valentines Day and one of which is a Valentines Day card from Samuel & Jesse to Mummy... hehehe... i can see how happy my wife was especially when she see the card which has 2 pieces of 2R photos of Samuel & Jesse... hehehe...

In the evening, we had our Valentines Dinner together, all the 4 of us. We went to this place called Senja Lounge, and it was a candle light dinner. Some photos of today's Valentines Day as below:
1. Jesse in her dress

2. Samuel with a rose

3. The rose, the wine and the candle light

4. The family of 4

5. The appetizers and starters

6. The main course (Salmon with prawns)

7. The main course (Steak with prawns)

8. The desert

9. The Samuel - not knowing whats going on... where are the lights?? hehehe...

10. Samuel insisted on looking at the fountain after dinner... hehehe...

After that, we went home and put both Samuel and Baby Jesse to bed...

Thanking God for an amazing day with the family... What a blessing... hehehe...

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