Friday, January 22, 2010

A Very Busy Start

Since the beginning of this new year, it has been really busy for both daddy & mummy. So many new routines to get adapted to and new work requirements for daddy has been keeping daddy & mummy very occupied & tired.

First new routine that we're still trying to get used to is sending both Samuel & Jesse to school. Yes, Jesse started schooling already. It was just like yesterday when she was just our little baby. And now, she's already in school. Dropping her off in school is like leaving a piece of our heart in school all over again.

Since Samuel graduated from his Montesorri School last year, he is now attending a new school. Chung Hwa Middle School. With both Samuel & Jesse in 2 different schools, sending & picking them up friom school is a real challenge for both daddy & mummy.

Anyway, a new year, a new beginning of a different phase of life.

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