Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chocolate Orange Square

Samuel had his first cooking class last Friday in the art school, after his art class. Samuel's art teacher's friend was teaching some children cooking and we enrolled him.

He baked a chocolate orange square. It certainly doesn't look nice since it was wrapped in the aluminium foil. The blue icing was all over.

When I opened the aluminium foil, it smells extremely nice and almost immediately I wanted to try it :p I have to resist the temptation when we were in the car. On the way back, he was reading the recipe to me.

Once we reached home, i took some photos and I immediately tried the cake. It was really yummy!! I would definitely finish everything but I didn't cause I need to let daddy and the children to try it too.

It was really yummy and I doubt it was actually baked by him, although he told me that he baked it all by himself :)


michelle@mybabybay said...

Ahh...where is the orange?

MeRy said...

Why there is blue colour portion in the cake????..Well done,Samuel.

suhar40 said...

Y the cake is blue color??

Samuel, good job!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yalor, orange cake but why blue color eh? Hehehe.

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