Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perfect or Kiasu ?

In the evening, I got Samuel to do some writing (sentences) and mathematics. After that, I just thought of getting him to do some spelling on colours. I have not taught him how to spell nor asked him to memorize how to spell colours. I just wanted to see if he can actually spell.

He was doing fine initially, until I got him to spell purple. He started to show his sour face and I could see tears in his eyes but I chose to ignore him. It got worse when I asked him to spell the next word, orange. I continued and asked him to spell the next few words and after he finished spelling 10 words, he came to me in tears. He doesn't know how to spell a few of the colours.

When Jesse saw Samuel with teary eyes, she consoled him immediately, "its ok kor kor, don't worry". We kept telling him that he has done a great job but that doesn't satisfy him. After telling him the correct way to spell the colours, he erased his mistakes and redo it again. Should I say he's Mr. Kiasu or Mr. Perfect ?

My intention was just to check how well can he spell, I have no intention to make him cry. Its a good thing that his school doesn't have spelling tests. I'm not surprise next year when we move him to another school, there will be spelling tests. I have no idea how would he react in class if he doesn't know how to spell.

Samuel's spelling after making adjustments to the mistakes - Purple, Orange, Black, White


michelle@mybabybay said...

A trick to this is to help him out a little but not give him the answer.

Like Purple, I make the PPPPP sound and the uurrr sound. The rest you can figure it out.

Maybe you can talk with him after he settle down. Usually I do that with Emily, asking her why she is sad.

Alicia said...

We did try to help him but not alphabet by alphabet :)

Health Freak said...

Aiyoh, he's such a sensitive child. I think he's a perfectionist! So sweet of Jesse to hug kor kor and consoled him.

Mummy to QiQi said...

a real perfectionist. you are lucky u do not have to worry about his study in future :)

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