Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 5 - DreamWorld, Gold Coast

We woke up early and get our children ready to catch our bus to DreamWorld. It was a windy morning and while we were waiting for coach "SurfSide Coach" (Orange coloured bus).
Daddy took some photos of Samuel while we were waiting for the bus. He opened his arms wide cause it was nice and windy.

We reached DreamWorld at 10am. We immediately went in and checked our WorldMap. The first thing we wanted to do was to take the train to see the animals, kangaroo, koala, tiger, etc... When we went to the Central Train Station, we missed the train. While waiting for the next train, we went to Wiggles World.
Samuel took photos with Dorothy and Captain Feathersword. When Jesse saw Dorothy the dinosaur for the 1st time, she was kinda scared so only Samuel took photos with Dorothy and Captain Feathersword.

After that, we went back to the train station and it is our 1st time sitting on a real steam engine train :)
We took the train and hopped off at the next stop. Here, we went and took some photos with kangaroos. We then went and took some photos with a koala. Samuel and Jesse got a chance to touch and pat a koala. Once we checked out the kangaroos & koalas, we were all excited to go back to go to the Nickelodeon World for some rides. :)

We went for the Tea Cup Ride.

Samuel & Jesse took some photos with Henry the Octopus We then went to take a look at the Bengal Tigers
After that, we went and watched Live performances of Sponge Bob Square Pants.
While watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, the sky starts to turn orange. We were wondering whats happening and was told that we're experiencing a sand storm. It was quite dusty but it sure didn't stop us from going for more rides.
After the rides, we had our lunch. While eating, we were expecting Dora and Boots to come take photos with our little ones.

When Dora and Boots turn up, Samuel and Jesse were both jumping with joy. Jesse was so excited that she continuously waved at Dora saying "Hi Dora".

We lined up for a short while and Samuel & Jesse had their chance to take photos with Dora & Boots.
Our last ride before we left DreamWorld was the Captain Sturt boat ride. It was mummy's slowest boatride ever. :) Though it was a slow boat ride, it was an interesting one for Samuel & Jesse. While the they looked out of the boat, they saw ducks swimming in the river next to the boat. There were fishes in the river too.
Finally, we went back to the hotel. While mummy bathed our little ones, daddy went to get us dinner. We rested early that evening and it was the last themepark for this trip. :)

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