Friday, November 20, 2009

Mummy's Girl? Daddy's Girl?

Lately, I noticed the change in Jesse. She no longer only attach to mummy. She used to be extremely choosy. She only wants mummy, only love mummy, her one and only, Mummy! This was what she used to say.

Now, she started to enjoy being with daddy, especially right after I scolded her. She only wants daddy. Even after sometime, she still doesn't want mummy, because mummy scolded her. If daddy is not there, she will go to the maid.

There was once, she woke me up at 3am. She wanted to pee. I brought her to the toilet and she wanted to wipe herself after she peed. But instead of wiping, she just threw the toilet paper into the toilet bowl. I told her that she needs to wipe before throwing it inside the toilet bowl. I took some toilet paper again and before I wiped her she wanted to take it from me. I refused to give it to her. She started crying. I wanted to carry her from the toilet but she didn't allow me to. She came down by herself crying. She went to daddy after she woke him up crying.

Daddy comforted her and put her back to her cot hugging the big bolster. She refused to look at me. When I tried to touch her, she pushed me away.

She is now, sometimes daddy's girl but most of the time, still mummy's girl :)

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Mummy to QiQi said...

i prefer my kids sticking to someone else (hubby or kakak) if can. less tired for me. but too bad, all are breastfeed so they stick more to mama :(

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