Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 9 - Brisbane - Brunei

We did our last minute packing and went out to do abit of shopping before we checked out from the hotel.

We took a taxi to the airport. When we were at the airport, we did abit of last minute shopping and had a quick lunch. We shared a footlong teriyaki chicken subway sandwich. :)

We boarded the flight and Samuel was so excited to watch Dora on the inflight entertainment system.

Thank God, both Samuel & Jesse slept during the flight.

We landed at the Brunei Airport at about 6.30pm (slight delay) and only reached home safely at about 8.00pm.

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Daddy said...

Wow. Must be some holiday! Gone through your pictures and I'm sure everybody had a great time. I'm looking forward to go back.

4 of Us