Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday Girl - Part I

About a month ago, I tried to plan Jesse's Birthday Party at home. In the end, we decided to do it in McDonalds as we think the children will have more fun with the indoor playground and most children love fast food too. Since it is a small playground, I have to limit our invitation to some of Jesse's swimming and Kindermusik classmates as well as some close friend's children.

On the actual day, I was abit worried as Daddy and Jesse was not feeling well. And to make matter worse, she only took a very short morning nap. She usually naps for 1.5-2 hours but that morning she only nap for 30 minutes.

Since she refused to continue her nap, we changed our plans. We decided to leave house at about 11am to collect the cake before we headed straight to McD with the family. Thank God, Gadong was not as jam as I thought and we managed to reach there before 12pm.
The children playing in the playground while waiting for the other children to arrive. I was busy checking the orders and requested for more chairs for our guests.

Jesse was very cranky by 12.30pm. She was tired and was also having fever. All the guests arrived at about 12.45pm and we then proceeded with our lunch. The children obviously was served with Happy Meals with a digital toy and I ordered a few variety of food for the parents.

After the meal, we got the cake ready and gathered the children around Jesse. The McD staff switched on the birthday song and the children started singing. The next song in the CD was the "I love you" song from Barney and the children continued to sing the song too. It seems that all the children know this song very well.
After the song, the McD birdie mascot came and greeted the children. When Jesse first saw her, she was delighted but very soon she because scared. We actually requested for McD mascot as I thought Jesse loves mascots. Probably because this birdie looks abit scary :p

When the birdie was there, the children danced with the mascot and the best dancer gets a poster or sticker of either Ben 10 or The Power Puff Girls. But ended up, I tried to give all the children the poster or sticker :)

It was about 2pm when the guests started to leave and I gave out the McD party packs to all the children. I hope the children enjoyed themselves.


Irene said...

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

What a fun party!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Wah...first time i see such a nice cake. how to pronounce it ah?

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