Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese Tradition (CNY 2009)

Every year since Samuel was small, daddy has been practising our Chinese tradition to make the little ones serve tea to both daddy and mummy first thing in the morning on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Daddy feels that passing on the Chinese tradition is important and this was how daddy was brought up too. :)

Happy Chinese New Year!


mybabybay said...

Wow, this is a good practice to ensure the next generation keep the tradition.

I don't even remember doing this for my parents. Opps.

slavemom said...

Errr... I din know there's such a tradition during CNY. Good that the kids r exposed to them.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, your hubby practices this tradition? So modern yet so traditional... which is good! Happy CNY to you & your family!

Mummy to QiQi said... traditionally done ah....good ler, for them to remember and to practice to the next generation!

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