Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese Homework

Every week, we send Samuel for 1 hour Mandarin classes. Usually he will come back with 1 page of writing homework.

I have no problem in getting Samuel to do his once a week school homework but I will be very stressed out asking Samuel to do his Chinese homework. 1 page of Chinese homework only consist of about 100 same characters and I have to split this into a few days.

Every time when I ask him to write, after a few words, he will want to go to the toilet, then he will say he want to drink water. And this is very well an excuse. Now, when he said he wanna go toilet, we will ask him to finish the word before going. Usually it takes him around 15 minutes to write 20 words, with numerous time of asking him to write. After finishing, he will forget that he needs to go toilet and starts playing.


2ma said...

haha shan leo is also the same!!!

mybabybay said...

Don't worry, Tim was like that. Now he accelerate as he grows older.

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