Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paid Post Complain !

I want to voice my dissatisfaction on BLOGSVERxxxE, a paid post company. I do not want to write the company name in full as I do not want to advertise for them for free, although I am leaving a bad comment here. Those who are in writing paid post will most probably guest which co is this.

I wrote a paid post last November and according to schedule I was supposed to get paid on the 25th December 2008 but I only remembered this on 1st January 2009. I checked my paypal account and there is no payment from them. I went to their web and from the payment history, it was stated that payment has been made. I checked on my profile and I was surprised to see that my paypal ID was not recorded. I then updated my paypal ID and emailed them. One of the representatives replied :

Hi - Alicia

if it says paid on our end you have to ask pay pal where it is, we sent the money already

How could they said they paid at their end when I have just updated my paypal ID? I did not explain myself but I asked them for prove of payment. The next day, the representative replied and said probably it takes some time to transfer the money to my paypal and requested me to inform her again should the money was not in by 5th.

Obviously money was not in by 5th and before I wrote to her, another representative wrote to me and inform me that they have make payment. I replied her and asked her when has the co make the payment and again I was told that the payment has been made to my correct paypal ID on the 25/12/08. Again, she asked me to check my paypal account. The payment might be done either from BLOGSVERxxxE or LANGxxxH.

I have not received any payment from them. I emailed her again and the 1st representative that I have contacted earlier. To my dissapointment, none of them replied me. I have sent them more than 3 emails each and I login to the web and lodged 2 complaints and I have not received any email from any of them for more than a week.

It is definitely not because of the USD9, it is the effort that I took to think and write about the requested post. This is truely dissapointing!


mybabybay said...

Sometimes going with too many ads network can be a pain in tracking payment. :P

Jesslyn said...

I wrote 2 posts for them too but never pay me. No bother to email and request, as I know they will never pay.

however some of bloggers did get paid after few rounds of emails.

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