Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Day to Celebrate ?

Today is Jesse's 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday my dear Jesse!

We will be celebrating her birthday at McDonald. In less than 4 hours, the little children will be there to celebrate her birthday and she is down with FEVER.

She had fever since yesterday evening at 8pm. The whole night I have been monitoring her and fed her medicine. This morning she is still having fever.

Daddy was down with fever as well since Thursday. He has recovered from fever but his whole body is still aching.

I pray Samuel will not fall sick and both Jesse and daddy will be strong, especially for that few hours in McDonald. We want to have fun in McD to celebrate her 2nd Birthday.


2ma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jesse! Wishing you get well soon - just in time for your 2nd birthday celebration today!!!

mybabybay said...

Hope Jesse have a speedy recovery!

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