Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pig to Elephant

A couple of month ago, daddy was sad because of this. Daddy was happy that Jesse no longer see him as a pig. He is now the elephant.

While looking at the Noah's Ark bolster :

M : Where is kor kor?
J : Ta da... (pointing at the monkey)
M : Which one is mummy?
J : Ta da... (pointing at the giraffe)
M : Where is daddy?
J : Ta da... (pointing at the elephant)
M : Where is kakak (maid)?
J : Ta da... (pointing at the pig)

Jesse can really analysis people well. I do agree with Jesse that Samuel is a monkey, mummy is tall n thin giraffe *wink* (LOL) and maid.... I don't think I need to say.


nicole said...

Alicia, another awards for u~

mybabybay said...

Amazing, and no one taught her to do that?

Alicia said...

nicole, thanks

michelle, no we din teach her tat n we never mentioned that the maid was a pig n jesse noes she is :p

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