Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enjoying Mandarin Oranges

Sitting on the coffee table in the living room peeling mandarin orange
Concentrating in peeling
Done with the skin, now the fruit
Putting some oranges on the table.....

........... and in the mouth
Continue to put on table
and in the mouth...
....... more and more in the mouth

This is what Jesse likes to do during Chinese New Year. When she sees us holding mandarin oranges, she will request for one too. Upon taking one, she will leave us alone and concentrating on her peeling. Sometimes, she doesn't want to eat. She just want to peel. So, sometimes she will me feeding mummy or daddy her oranges.

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Jesslyn said...

Does Jesse like to sit this way? If yes, then most likely your 3rd bb is a boy! (if you wish to have 3rd lar) :)

.....old folks' believe but got proven cases too!

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