Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tell The Time

Few days ago, I started teaching Samuel how to read the clock. It is definitely not an easy task to teach your own kid. We tend to loose patience with them. After teaching Samuel twice, he started to realise that I will scold him for not being able to tell me the time.

On Sunday night, when I told him that we will read the clock again, the first thing he said to me was, "Mummy, you don't angry with me ok." When I asked him why, he replied "Afterwards I will cry" Not only I told him that I will not be angry with him, I told myself too that I should not scold him for not being able to read the time.

I tried to stay calm but it is really not easy to do so, I scolded him again when he didn't give me the right answer. He got confused with the long and short needles many times. Eg, 10 past 5 he will sometimes say it's 5 past 2. Another example is 2 sharp, he will say it's 10 past 12. In between, I can see that his mind is wanders somewhere else, which makes me even more angry.

Yesterday morning when I asked him to bring me the clock, again he asked me not to be angry with him. This time, I got frustrated but did not scold him when he didn't get it right. This time, he was better. Eg, when I point the long needle at no.2 and short needle at no.5, he will flip it the other way (ie. short needle at no.2 and long at no.5) and said that it is different.

He did not get everything right but he is much better than yesterday. I can see that when he gets it right he is very happy. He even asked me "Am I a clever boy?" 0_O

I have teach him the whole concept in reading the clock. I only teach him "past", I certainly hope that I don't have a tough time teaching him "to", which I doubt.


mybabybay said...

I must blog about this too....My children know how to tell time when they know their numbers. How? Coz it is a digital clock...kekekeke

Health Freak Mommy said...

My kids dont know how to tell the time too. I am just like you, really no patience with them coz their mind sure wander off.

2ma said...

u know wat? the more the kids wanna show that they can, the more stress they have and thus, even though they understand or know, they will somehow blank out the moment u ask them!!

shan leo is like that when he is doing his kumon or homework. he knows how to do but will tend to give all the wrong answers when mummy starts to raise her voice!!!

so, stay cool ya!!

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