Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I did not realise that Samuel has been taking so many supplements until I put them together.

He starts off with Scott's Emulsion Fish Oil, then the Vitamin C tablets when he was 3. His supplements has extended to different types when he turned 4.

In the morning, after his milk, he will take 1 tablespoon of Scott's Emulsion Fish Oil, a tablet of Vitamin C and a tablet of Mix Berries. In the afternoon after lunch, the maid will give him a teaspoon of Ceelin Vitamin C (recommended by doctor). In the evening, I will give him 0.5 oz of Veema Mangosteen Juice.

This juice was actually meant for Daddy, who has extremely bad allergy. I read about this drink and there has been very good comments about this supplement. And most important of all, as according to articles, it helps with allergy.

Jesse only started taking supplements about half a year ago, when she started to get sick often. In the afternoon, we will give her a teaspoon of Ceelin Vitamin C and 0.5oz of Veema Mangosteen Juice.

On and off, whenever they like they will take the Vitamin C chewies.

When Samuel was at Jesse's age, he gets sick very often. He has running nose often because of allergy, just like daddy. But since after all these supplements, I can see that he seldom falls sick. I'm glad that he has better immune system as compared to when he was younger.
I hope Jesse will be stronger after these supplements.


mybabybay said...

That's a lot of supplements. Don't worry as they grow up, the immune system is stronger. Getting sick is not a bad thing actually, tats when the body build antibody.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Where did you buy the Veema Mangosteen juice and how much? Direct selling?

huisia said...

i hardly feed my boys supplements now, as i want them to get their own immune system, somemore there was once a pharmacist told me better don't let the little kids take too much of supplements as those pills would burden their immature kidneys.

btw, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

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