Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Samuel's Library book became Jesse's

The Book & The Mesh Bag

Samuel will bring back a library book chosen by him every Monday fortnightly. Last Friday, he asked me to inform the teacher that it is his turn on Monday. On Saturday, he asked if I have told his teacher. I told him not to be worried, the teacher will know.

On Monday, he did not get the chance to go to library and I totally forgotten about it. Yesterday morning, Samuel told daddy that he did not get a library book. He was dissappointed and asked daddy to ask his teacher. Daddy asked his class teacher and was told that he did not get his library book because the teacher incharge was on emergency leave and they can't find his library mesh bag. She admitted that it was their mistake that they misplaced the mesh bag. (One of the school library rules is, "No library book without the mesh bag")

Today, daddy reminded the teacher incharge, but Samuel didn't get to choose his library book until later when daddy picked him from school and reminded the teacher. Samuel was very happy taking a book home from school. Once he reached home, he showed me his library book. As Jesse was there and saw his book, she wanted his book, as usual. She pouted her lips and asked for the book. Since Samuel was not reading it at that time, I told Jesse to return it back to Samuel once she finish reading and she agreed. Usually when she agrees, she will keep her promise but not this time.

She just wants to hold on to the book, she did not even flip any pages. When shes tired of holding she just puts it aside. Only when we ask her to return to Samuel she quickly grabs it and hides it behind her. She repeated this twice. She just wants the book because it was Samuel's.

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