Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is She Ready ?

We started to potty train Jesse when she was 23 months and she gets it pretty fast. Within a few days, she started to be very co-operative with us. She will tell us when she wanted to pee and she can hold her bladder. During daytime at home, we do not need to put on diapers for her except during her morning and afternoon nap. If we are going out for only 1-2 hours, we will not put on diapers for her as well.

After she turns 2, she hardly wet herself while she's sleeping. It has been more than 3 weeks she did not wet herself at night. Just incase she wets herself, we still put on a diaper for her. At times, she will request to go to the toilet to pee in the middle of the night.

I have been hesitating not to let her wear diapers at night but I do not want to take the risk of Jesse wetting our bed. If she wets herself, it will be a big hassle to change our bedsheets. Moreover, I do not want our bed topper to get wet :p

But yesterday night, after she woke up to pee at 1.30 am, I did not put on the diaper for her. She was scratching her back (itchy due to diaper) before asking to go to toilet. And yes she did not wet herself. I am not sure if she is 100% ready to be diaperless although it has been about a month since she last wet her diaper.

What do you think?

1. Should I put on her diaper so that I will have better sleep (not thinking if she needs to go to toilet). This is a good choice but we need to spend money on diaper (after wearing few times, we will throw away the diaper).

2. Or should I not put on the diaper for her and take the risk of her waking me up if she needs to go toilet?

3. Or should I put on Drybees cloth diaper but I'm not very convinced that it is breathable. (Extremely bulky)


2ma said...

i think jesse is ready & is doing a good job! u must hv confident in her!!! maybe u put some towels & mattress protector on her bed, just in case she really wet herself???

chanelwong said...

she is doing great...keep it up..
you have a few option..

1. if you stil have some disposable diapers, then you can use it ...unless you plan to give away...

2. if you have drybees, you can use that. It is breathable and on the bulkiness, you can opt for different insert which will not be soo bulky...

3. you can use 2ma suggestion which is a good idea for my elder one who sometimes wet the bed, we use sarung on rubber cot sheet(not plastic ones) on his bed..

little prince's mummy said...

cute picture.. haha!~

Alicia said...

2ma, hmm mayb its a good idea to put some towels on top

1. we left only few disposable diapers which i do not intend to buy again n i wanted to keep some for long distance travelling

2.yes we have drybees n i noe its suppose to b breathable but not so conviencing n i do have Hemp inserts which is less bulky but after wearing it for awhile the inserts are not reli at the right position (oso probably the way jesse sleeps, she moves alot)

3. we used to put the rubber mat for her during daytime but not night coz i think it wont b so comfortable sleeping in dat mat

huisia said...

i think you should stop diapering her, otherwise it may confuse her, since she is ready then why don't just give her a try, of course sometimes accident does happen, but i believe she will outgrow it.

eugene said...

I like the picture of your little ones, you know children are always very charming and heart warming, it is just to say, parents now dont spend too much for the children anymore, being close to them,hugging them and kissing them,i think these are the best gifts we can give to them instead of PSP ibox or xbos

nicole said...

a Tag for u Alicia. Pregnancy and Delivery Story Tag . Pls come to grab ya

mybabybay said...

Yeap I think she can go diaperless. To prevent the mattress top to get wet, you can get those plastic sheets from pharmacy and put it in between the bed sheet and mattress.

Mummy to QiQi said...

it is the transition period. good to use training pants (those pull up ones) so that not so susah to pull up and down. if use like the diaper type, scared she will depend much on the diaper and not wanting to wake up and pee later.

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