Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Girl & Boy Are Sick

Jesse is sick again. Although her fever is not very high, max of 38.4, she has phlegm, cough and running nose. Her cough is probably due to phlegm. Her fever has subsided after 3 days but she looks very weak.

Samuel does not have any fever but has alot of phlegm and cough as well. We have not brought them to see our doctor yet. We have been giving them phlegm and cough medicine as well as pro-biotic but their condition doesn't seem to improve.

If tomorrow their condition doesn't improve, we will bring them to see doctor.

There goes our long weekend......


mybabybay said...

Hope they have a speedy recovery!

jenn said...

which clinic u go?

Alicia said...

jenn, if their condition is not so serious we will usully go to dr ding in yayasan, otherwise either tkchann or cylim in gadong. they r more exp but the med more effective as well

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