Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Laugh or To Cry ?

Scene 1 Daddy with Samuel

S : Mummy, Jesse and Samuel’s face the same. Daddy's face is not the same.
D : Why daddy face not same?
S : Daddy's face got hole.
D : *speechless*

Scene 2 Daddy with Jesse

Jesse was hugging daddy’s bolster. Daddy’s bolster cover has Noah’s Ark picture.
D : Where is the giraffe ?
J : There... (pointing at the baby giraffe).
D : Kiss the giraffe.
J : (Jesse kisses the giraffe)
D : Where is another giraffe
J : There... (pointing at the other giraffe)
D : Kiss the giraffe
J : (Kisses the giraffe)
D : Where is the elephant
J : There... (pointing at the elephant)
D : Kiss the elephant
J : (kisses the elephant)
D : Where is daddy? (Daddy was hoping that Jesse will kiss him after pointing at him)
J : There.... (pointing at the pig)
D : *speechless*


slavemom said...

LOL I can't stop laughing at both the kids' comments. hahaha

Alvin said...

both the incidents happened a day after the other o_O

mybabybay said...

LOL, now was that a big pig or a small pig. Hehehehe.

Alvin said...

It was a small pig... but then again... why pig.. why... :(

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