Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baking Cookies With Samuel

I'm not a good cook nor am I good at baking. I can only cook simple dishes and I don't know how to bake. Since it was a public holiday on Monday, I decided to bake some cookies with Samuel. I bought those pre mixed ingredients to bake some cookies. I only need to add butter and egg :)

I got Samuel to assist me in mixing the butter, eggs and pre-mixed ingredients. When it turned into a dough, I wanted to shape it into some disney characters- mickey, minnie, pooh and tigger but I think I put too much butter. It was alittle too soft to shape. So we ended up doing just round shaped cookies.

I tried to spread out the dough in the tray but it "grew horizontally" so much so that it sticked and joined each other. The round cookies ended up to be one very big piece of rectangle cookie, as big as the tray. LOL
The second tray looks more presentable, well at least to me :)


Mummy : Too sweet especially the chocolate chips
Jesse : Yummy! I want cookies, I want. [and she keep asking for more]
Samuel : Wah this is the cookie. Yummy mummy.


Wonderful Life said...

what a fun activity for kids... :)

michelle@mybabybay said...

Cool stuff. So what did you do with the one huge piece of cookies?

slavemom said...

Conclusion : a success coz the kids love them. :)

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