Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 1 - Brisbane to Gold Coast

We took the 1am direct flight to Brisbane on the 19th Sept. It was less than 7 hours flight. Both the kids were still very active while we were at the airport but Jesse dose off not long after we boarded the plane.
We reached Brisbane at 10.10am and we took the AirTrain to Gold Coast. We pre-booked the AirtrainConnect. The train ride brought us to Nerang station (Gold Coast) and a driver chauffeured us to our hotel, Gold Coast International. It took us about 90 minutes from Brisbane International Airport to Nerang Station and about 15 minutes drive from the Nerang Station to Gold Coast International Hotel, Surfer's Paradise.
By the time we arrived at the hotel and settled down, its about 1.30 pm. We rested for a while while daddy went to grab some food nearby. Mummy, Samuel & Jesse was already asleep by the time daddy came back with our food.

View from our hotel room

We wanted to take the 1 hour city tour (Aquaduck) at 4.15 pm and we have to be there at least 20 minutes before the tour time. So we continued to rest after lunch till about 3pm. It was hard for us to get out of bed cause we were so tired. We wanted to buy some food at Coles before it closes at 5 pm.

By the time we finished our short shopping at Coles (Chevron Renaissance, Elkhorn Avenue), we rushed to the Aquaduck booth. We missed the 4.15pm tour cause the tickets were sold out. Since we didn't get to go on the Aquaduck tour, we instead went to check out the shopping arcades.
We bought our simple chinese food dinner cause we saw one of the chinese restaurants having Jesse's favourite soup on their menu (Sweet corn & egg soup). Since we have been travelling the whole day, Jesse hasn't been eating much. When we reached the hotel, we were very happy that Jesse ate at least 4 servings of rice. :) Daddy's joy is to see our children enjoying their meals.

Since it has been a tiring day, we decided to bath the kids before we put them to sleep. We need to rest before the exciting Day 2 - SeaWorld.

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MeRy said...

Nice holiday trip...I love Seaworld,MovieWorld and DreamWorld..Very exciting places.

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