Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2 - SeaWorld, Gold Coast

The sun rises at 5.30am in Surfers Paradise. Mummy woke up early because Samuel and Jesse played with the hotel's alarm clock and mummy was worried that we overslept.

Daddy woke up around 7.00am and our little ones at 8.00am. We had our simple breakfast and quickly went to the bus stop to catch the bus no. 750 to SeaWorld.
Samuel was very excited to get to SeaWorld. We reached SeaWorld just at the time it opened 10.00am. Surprisingly, we expected it to be more crowded but the waiting/queueing time was just nice.
The moment we entered into SeaWorld, we were greeted by Elmo and Zoe. Both Samuel and Jesse could not resist but to immediately run towards them and hugged them. We took the chance to take a few photos with Elmo & Zoe.

From there, we went and checked out the Shark Bay. Samuel had a close encounter with Stingrays and a Star Fish too. After that, we went to see the Polar Bears. We then went back to the Monorail Station and took the monorail to catch the Dolphin show. It was amazing. Both Samuel and Jesse was amazed by the dolphins.
Immediately after the Dolphin show, we took the cable car and walked to the food court and had our lunch. While waiting for our lunch, mummy spotted Cookie Monster and Grover taking photos just outside the food court. When daddy came back with lunch, mummy, Samuel & Jesse went to take some photos with them.
As we were eating, Samuel and Jesse spotted Bert and Ernie. We quickly went to take some photos with Bert and Ernie too.

When we finished our lunch, Samuel and Jesse was already very excited to go for the rides. We brought them to the Sesame Beach for some kiddie rides.
After the rides, we quickly went and catch the Sesame Street Show at 3.30pm.
Our SeaWorld grand finale was bringing Samuel and Jesse to have fun in the water at Sesame Beach.

Surprisingly, SeaWorld was not as big as we expected it to be. It is just nice for a family with little ones.

When we left SeaWorld, we took the same bus 750 back to the hotel. It was only a 10 minutes bus ride.

Mummy bath our little ones while daddy went out to buy dinner. Daddy came back with dinner (with Jesse's favourite soup, again). It is Daddy's joy to see our children enjoying their meals.

We rested early as we wanted to have more energy for Day 3 in MovieWorld.


michelle@mybabybay said...

These pictures bring back memories :). I like the pic of your gal hugging red elmo!

slavemom said...

The kids must be so thrilled to c the life-size Sesame St characters.

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