Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Term 3

End of term 3 started on the 12th of September. Samuel will be on school holiday for 2 weeks. We started to plan our family holiday since July, a 9 day trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast.

On the last day of school, Samuel brought back a lot of homework (he hardly brings back any homework), mainly english and bahasa homework. I have not seen anything on mathematics and I wonder how is he progressing in mathematics. I have to make sure he finishes his homework before we go for holiday.

He will be graduating his Montesorri end of the year. Although he will not be promoted to Year 1 because of his age, his class teacher has asked us to transfer him to another school if we decide to send him to traditional school in future. It would be best that he adapts to at least a year of kindergarten before going to Year 1 in traditional school.


SimpleJenn said...

Education nowadays r quite stressful on both parents n child. If v didn't get them well prepared, the child n parent will "suffer" for the first year. I had tat experience with my girl.

huisia said...

i always feel headache when comes to Jo's education. Feeling like leaving him in KK but pity him without staying together with parents.

Dora said...

So the kids must be super happy for the vacation soon!

Drop-by & say "hi" to the Thoo Family!

slavemom said...

Hv a great vacation at Brisbane n Gold Coast!

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