Saturday, September 5, 2009

Convincing Jesse to Sit On A Car Seat

Since Jesse was a baby, she will not sit on her baby car seat for anything more than 5 minutes. We have a baby carrier + car seat (which she refused to sit on). When she was 1+, we bought her a new car seat, hoping that she is willing to sit on it. It didn't change her and she refused to sit on it. 

If we travel (in our car) with our maid, Jesse always climbs front and back, back and front until we reach our destination. If we are travelling without our maid, she will sit with me in my front seat. If she sits on my lap without much movement, I will be very happy. It is almost impossible for her to sit quietly on my lap. She climbs all over and jumps on my lap too! (She will hold on to the handle and keeps jumping)

Now.... and finally! She is sitting on her own car seat every time we go out. Although this is a big relief, I must say, I kinda miss the time when she sits with me in the car.

So, what made her sit on her car seat now? 

It was a month ago, on a Saturday morning when we sent Samuel to his school, we brought Jesse along. After we dropped him off in school, we saw one of his classmate's parent. She brought along her 1 year old baby who was happily sitting on her own car seat. We told the parent that Jesse will never sit on her own car seat. We brought Jesse to see the baby who was happily sitting on her own car seat. 

When we left school, Jesse was asking for her car seat. Her seat was not in the car. (We took her seat out from the car since she refused to it.)

Jesse wants to sit on her car seat like the baby. When we put back her car seat in the car, she will say "sit like a baby, hmm?" 

Since then, she started to sit on her own car seat. It has been more than a month now and she happily (willingly) sits on her own car seat. 

Although I kinda miss her sitting on my lap where I can hug her, I'm happy that she is willing to sit on her own car seat now. 


Physiomom said...

where is the photo of Jesse on car seat ?

michelle@mybabybay said...

Sometimes children can be influence by other children. They learn from them.

kien theng said...

if you travel at Aussie , it is illegal for kid not to sit on car seat. both of your kid need to sit in a car seat. so when you rent a car. ask for car seat

Mummy to QiQi said...

my younger twin refuse car seat too:(

hope there is something that can influence him to change one day.

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