Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yeah !

Jesse : I do like goofy k?
Mummy : Do what like goofy?
Jesse : This one (show me our bolsters)
Mummy :You mean row the boat?
Jesse : Yes.. (She tried to use our bolsters to pretend to row a boat)

Jesse : I do horse ok
Mummy : Ok
Jesse : Don't say yeah ok
Mummy : Don't say yeah?
Jesse : Yes, don't say yeah ok
Mummy : Why?
Jesse : Because I'm not strong
Mummy : Not strong?
Jesse : Yes, see... never mind... I do green ok
Mummy : Green?
Jesse : Yes the slide (she's refering to her green colour slide)
Mummy : Oh the slide.....
Jesse : Yes, I show you ok..... (show me how she slide on the floor) Don't say yeah ok
Mummy : Ok
Jesse : Clap hands ok

Jesse : I want my bolster.
She put our bolsters and hers on the floor then started jumping.
Mummy : What you doing?
Jesse : I'm dumping (jumping) like a flog (frog). Don't say yeah ok.....

I have no idea what does she meant by don't say yeah.... probably she doesn't want us to cheer for her.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

hehe...macam spider man pose!

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