Friday, September 11, 2009

Mine Means Mine

Jesse is very particular about which things belong to who. Samuel at his age, and he still is very particular about positioning the things. Eg. we have a set of 7 dwarfs bought in HK which are kept in our living room display cabinet. When our maid wipes the cabinet, she will put aside the dwarfs and rearrange it after cleaning the cabinet. Samuel can spot the mistakes. He will rearrange which dwarf comes first then followed by the other dwarfs. He will rearrange back to the original position.

Jesse has followed his foot steps in positioning things. In fact, I think she is a little extreme. When I'm driving my car, she will say that I'm sitting on daddy's seat. She doesn't allow anyone sit on the left rear seat, her seat. Even if she is sitting infront she doesn't allow anyone to sit there. To her, the driver's seat is daddy's seat, next to daddy, it must be mummy's seat. Hers will be behind mummy and Samuel's seat is behind the driver's seat.

At times, when she sees daddy using my Mac she will not like it. Sometimes, she doesn't allow daddy to use my Mac at all. When I'm sitting on the recliner chair where daddy sit most of the time, she will say, "No, wrong". Sometimes when I use daddy's things she will also say, "No, its daddy's one".

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