Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jesse & Chewies

Jesse loves her chewy vitamins. She has been asking for it everyday! Everyday she will say, "i want tamin, I want tamin". Not once or twice a day but many times in a day. She can take the chewies one after another. She chews very fast. After she finishes it, she will ask for it again and again.

Few days ago, I started to bribe her with chewies if she doesn't allow me to go to office. Surprisingly, it works. Usually she clings on to me and will cry and cry when i go to work. Now with the chewies, she will say "bye bye mummy".

Each chewy contains only 30mg of vitamin C. The normal vitamin C tablets comes with a minimal 250mg, which is equivalent to more than 8 chewies! So I guess the chewies are more like sweets than vitamin C. o_O


mybabybay said...

Hahaha...wai sek mui, want chewies over mummy.

Mummy to QiQi said...

oh...Qiqi has been asking me for chewies. And i was cracking my head, how can little girl like her eat chewies. So now I found the solution.

slavemom said...

Vitamins as bribe... good trick!

MeRy said...

I saw this vitamin from it good? when u started giv to Jesse?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Is this from Cosway? Can you let me know if there's sugar inside the Chewies? I'd like to buy a bottle for my gals to try.

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