Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love Who ?

I have been asking Jesse, "You love Mummy?" She will definitely said, "No, I lou Daddy". If I ask her, "You love daddy?" then she will answer, "No, I lou mummy".

So now, if I want her to say that she loves me, I will ask her if she loves daddy. Then she will definitely say, I love mummy :) Sometimes, she will add on, I lou kor kor, I lou kakak and purposely won't say that she loves that person I asked.

Isn't she cheeky? o_O


2ma said...

shan leo used to be the same. he will purposely give you answers that you don't want to hear, and then smile cheekily! guess, all the kids are the same?

MeRy said...

Jesse is so cute..I believe she loves her mum & dad very much.

mybabybay said...

Try it with ice-cream. I am sure she love you...hehehe.

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