Friday, April 3, 2009

Once A Month Virus

I noticed Jesse falls sick every month. This month is no exeption. She started to have running nose 2 days ago. Based on her records, she has been sick almost every month since May, 08 except for the month of July, August and October. That means for the past 12 months, she has been sick 9x!

She has been taking Vitamin C Syrup and Veema Mangosteen juice as supplements for the past 3 months but her immune system doesn't seem to improve. She was definitely much stronger when she was a baby and as she grew, her immune system is not as strong anymore, especially when I stopped breast feeding in June, 08.

Now her virus has spread to me and I feel so uncomfortable. I think I need more rest.


mybabybay said...

Have a speedy recovery!

MeRy said...

Hope both Jesse n mummy wil get well soon.

Health Freak Mommy said...

This is exactly what happened to Alycia when she was 3 yo and just started to go to pre-school. Know what? She was sick almost every month for 2 looooooong years, can you beat it? Our doctor said it takes time for her immune system to develop and to be strong. I pulled her out from pre-school but when she went bk to school, she fell sick again. I fed her with many types of expensive supplements still, nothing seemed to work.

When she was almost 5yo, things improved, her immune system became stronger and stronger and now she's really more resilient and doesn't fall sick that easily anymore (thank GOD!)

So you just have to bear with it and be patient dear :)

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