Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got Bullied By A Younger Child

I brought Jesse to Sugar Bun, Manggis Mall today. She was very happy when she reached there running to the playground.

Upon reaching the playground, she took off her shoes. When she was about to enter the tunnel, this girl, about 3+ held her hands and they go in the tunnel together which will lead them to the playground full of balls.

When both reached the other end of the tunnel, this girl's sister, who is younger than Jesse, about 1+ doesn't allow Jesse to go through. She kept shouting NO to Jesse. I kept quiet and observed further.

She continued shouting NO to Jesse and Jesse started to be afraid. I saw her expressions changed. She started crying. I asked her to come out from the tunnel, she refused, she wanted me to go inside the tunnel instead.

I assured her that it was alright, she can just pass through this little girl. She wanted to go in but this little girl keep telling her NO. To make things worst, the girl who held Jesse's hand earlier also refused to let Jesse in. I then shouted at them. Yes, I shouted at the girls! I told them that the playground is not theirs.

Not long after that, the girls mother came. She asked the girl to bring her little sister out from the playground. Probably she heard me shouting at them :p

After they left, Jesse was enjoying herself. She went in and out of the tunnel, throwing the balls, bouncing and jumping inside the playground, walking on ropes before sliding down the slide. She definitely enjoy herself today, eventhough she was bullied earlier.


mybabybay said...

Yeah! Mummy saves the day. I did that once and the poor boy cried. :P

MeRy said...

Tat gal is so bad....plaground is supposed for sharing one.

Mummy to QiQi said...

u must teach jesse to be garang liao to protect herself next time.

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