Sunday, April 19, 2009

Motorcycle ?

Jesse calls this a bicycle....

But she calls this a motorcycle

I kept telling her this is a bicycle but she still say its a motorcycle. I'm not sure if its her imagination or she really thinks that this is a motorcycle.

When daddy brought Samuel's bicycle to the living room, she kept shouting motorcycle and refused to let Samuel ride on it. We let Jesse play with it for awhile then Samuel took over. When Samuel cycles, she cries non stop. She wanted to ride on the "motorcycle" as well. She was crying chasing after Samuel, who was cycling around the living room.

After 2 rounds, I asked Samuel to stop. Since Samuel was afraid of Jesse chasing him, I asked him to let Jesse ride the "motorcycle". Then Jesse was cycling happily. She doesn't really know how to cycle. She pedals 180 degree then stop, then pedals again 180 degree. This is how she gets the bicycle moving.

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mybabybay said...

From my google reader I tot you got a motorcycle for your kids.

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