Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Week In KL

Since it was 1st Term School Holiday last week, we decided to bring the kids back to KL for a week holiday. Besides visiting our parents, there are few things we wanted to do. Our itineraries includes my eye surgery (lasik enhancement/adjustment), update Jesse's passport photo, bring the kids to zoo and shopping!

When we were in KL, I decided to cancel the plan for going to the zoo as the weather was terribly hot. Since they just recovered from stomach virus infection, I do not want them to fall sick again because of such weather.

I went for my eye checkup when we were in KL and did my lasik surgery for the 2nd time. My right eye was alright but my left eye has about 75 astigmatism. Although the power is not very high, I still wanted to correct it to get a better vision.

We also did not manage to update Jesse's passport photo as well because I have forgotten to bring her birth cert back to KL. So most of the time we went shopping.

We went shopping almost everyday but most of the time we only shop for a few hours. So, we did not really get alot of things. Most of them are children stuff.

Jesse's clothes

Jesse's hair accessories, swimming goggles and mini Mrs Potato Head

DVDs for both
Flashcards, books, puzzles, card games for Samuel

Toys and microphone for both

Shirts, bedsheet set and swimming wetsuit for Samuel


mybabybay said...

Looks like a shopping trip? No stuff for yourself?

Mummy to QiQi said...

so many things to buy here. wish we could meet (after visiting each others blog for so long :)
but guess your time must be limited as it is nice to see all families

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