Monday, April 20, 2009

Cried In School

When I went back for lunch today, Samuel told me that he cried in school. He cried because his class teacher asked him to take a piece of metal inside box number 4 but it was not there and he took a circle instead. According to him, the teacher was angry and said, “What are you doing?” in a harsh manner. He dare not tell the teacher that the metal was not in the box and started crying.

Daddy called the school teacher to check if he really cried in school. Samuel sometimes tells us inaccurate information about what happened. True enough, he cried and the teacher was aware of it but she doesn’t know why he cried. The assistant teacher asked him for about 20 minutes but he did not say anything to them.

When the teacher knew that he cried and doesn’t know the reason, why doesn’t she take the initiative to call the parents after school? Does that mean if we didn’t call and ask she will not inform us?


mybabybay said...

At least he tells you what happened. I don't think my gal will ever tell me.

Mummy to QiQi said...

good that he tells u..qiqi too, will just keep quiet about it.

nicole said...

he only tell daddy or mummy.
at least u can knw what happen in school.

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