Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Swimming Classes

Samuel started swimming since March last year in Brunei Swimming Club (BSC). He has been taking his lessons there for a year. I have just stopped his lessons in BSC and joined Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club (RBPRC) instead, because :

1. Nearer. RBPRC is just 5 minutes drive away from home as compared to 25 minutes to BSC
2. Cheaper. BSC charges $60 per term for 10 lessons (30 minutes each lesson). RBPRC charges $70 for 8 lessons (1 hour each lesson) or $40 for 4 lessons (1 hour each lesson).
3. Duration of each lesson. A 30 minute swimming lesson for a group of 6 is not effective. By the time Samuel warm up, it is time to say goodbye. An hour lesson would be better.

RBPRC just started swimming lessons beginning of the year. When we knew about the swimming lessons, we just enrolled him in the new term in BSC. When the term was about to end, we enrolled Samuel in RBPRC.

He can only attend 1 lesson a week because we couldn't find another suitable time for him. Moreover, the teacher is fully occupied.

Today, Samuel attended his swimming lesson and we brought Jesse along. While Samuel was having his lesson, Jesse was enjoying herself in the pool.


2ma said...

that's nice!!! shan leo "claimed" that he likes swimming. but when we asked him to go slightly deeper into the water (above his waise), he will be screaming his lungs out!!!


May I know at what age you started him on these swimming classes? Mine is 2 now and I dont think he can take instructions well yet.

chanelwong said...

he looks cool in his suit...and doing well in the lesson tooo...

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Cool swim suit.. :)

Chel said...

The second last picture is SOOO adorable! Glad you found some place closer. Spending less time on the road and more time in the pool!

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