Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Big Day

We celebrated Samuel's birthday with a birthday party inviting his friends, 2 days before his actual birthday.

On the night before his birthday party, we packed all the party packs (party boxes) and Samuel was very excited to help.

We finished packing all the party boxes with the help of Samuel (all 24 boxes) before we put the final touch (consealing stickers).

The food. Yum yum. We catered the food and it came at 11.30am. When the caterers set up the food at our home, i went to pick up Samuel's birthday cake from the Empire Hotel with Samuel.
The traffic was pretty congested when the children were driving all around the living room :)
Samuel, Jesse and the Birthday Cake
The children sang Happy Birthday to Samuel while Jesse admires the cake & candles
Samuel blowing all 5 candles
Samuel posing with his presents from his friends
Samuel waited patiently till evening before he opened all his presents.
After a long and tiring day for both daddy and mummy, it was a very happy day for Samuel with lots of friends, presents, hugs and plenty of love :)


suhar40 said...

Happy birthday Samuel

michelle said...

Maths for presents?? who is taking out the fun...j/k

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