Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elephant !!

Last week, Samuel was learning mammals in school and the school requested us to bring a can for him for art purposes. This is what he did, an elephant!

Today, I put on my new grey shirt and when he saw me in the grey shirt he asked,

Samuel : Mummy, you look like who?
Mummy : Look like who? I don't know.
Samuel : Elephant
Mummy : Huh? Elephant? I'm not an elephant.
Samuel : (Giggling) Yes, see, you are wearing grey.

I thought he wanted to tell me that I look pretty on my new shirt (that is what he usually tells me). LOL


chanelwong said...

a very nice n neat elephant...well done Samuel..

michelle said...

Nice craft. Haha on calling you an elephant, i can imagine his cheeky look when he does that.

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