Thursday, July 23, 2009


A few days ago when we went shopping, we saw these masks. It looks quite nice and we thought it would be good to let Samuel and Jesse play pretend in these masks.

Not to our surprise, Samuel put on the monkey mask running around the room pretending to be a monkey with "uh uh ah ah" sound. Jesse followed Samuel with oink oink sound.


slavemom said...

U can hv an animal party anytime u like. :)

kien theng said...

where is the mask..?

Little Kit Boy said...

Hi, I'm Jenny and hv been following yr blog for quite some time. Wah, both Samuel and Jesse must hv enjoy themselves very much with these new animal masks that you bought for them. So cute.

MeRy said...

Not to forget...mummy also has a mask on it..So fun..Whr u buy it from??

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