Friday, July 3, 2009

Monopoly Town

As Samuel started to enjoy board games, we bought him "Monopoly Town" about a week ago. He really enjoys playing with it.

He will be thrilled with excitement when he wins. On the contrary, he will also be very upset and even cries when he looses. He is always very concerned with who will win while playing the game. In summary, he just want to win or else he cries and wants to play again.


michelle said...

My Emily also cannot loose. If she knows she cannot win, she will not play or compete.

MeRy said...

That's kid always wan to win while playing a game. Actually, I was like that too when I was small.

slavemom said...

I think kids r like that. My girl too. But I always remind her not to be a bad sport. Hv to teach her to accept losing as she's old enuff to u/std this concept.

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