Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Is 5

Samuel greeted me with a smile this morning. He is very happy today.

I took a day off today as it is Samuel's birthday. I sent him to school this morning and had my breakfast before I went and collect his birthday cake.

I ordered a Croquembouche for him to celebrate his birthday with his classmates in school. He is allowed not to wear school uniform as it is his birthday. We have to do his timeline for display at the notice board for the children and parents to view. It was supposed to be the teacher's task to decorate the timeline but somehow they changed it and get the parents to do it instead!
We were asked to "donate" a book to the school library on his birthday and he was sad to have his book given to the school :)


2ma said...

happy 5th birthday samuel!! shan leo is turning 5 next week too *hehe*

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sammuel!

suhar40 said...

Sammuel, Happy Birthday :)

I'm suhar, glad to visiting ur blog. Hope u dun mind I add ur blog address into my blog list.

MeRy said...

happy Birthday to Samuel!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Wow...the "Croquembouche" ( i can't even pronounce it!) is really beautiful!

slavemom said...

Oh dear, I'm so late. Sorree! Happy Belated 5th Birthday, Samuel! Looks like he had great celebrations at home n at schl. But the timeline proj sounds like a lot of work. hehehe

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