Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fever Not

With this Influenza A(H1N1), most people are taking precautions. School resumes last Monday, after another week of extra holiday due to the outbreak. We have been hesitating to send Samuel to school on the first day but since we checked with the school and they are taking some preventive measurements, we decided to send him to school.

The attendance dropped tremendously, probably 50% or more. Yesterday, as usual daddy sent him to school and before he enters his class, the teacher took his temperature. He was alright before daddy left.

At about 10.40am, daddy called. He said the school contacted him and the teacher told him that Samuel is having fever, 37.8. I started to get worried although he didn't have any cough or flu. Before I rushed home, I called his swimming coach and informed him that he wouldn't be able to attend his swimming lesson later in the evening.

They came back 5 minutes later after I reached home. He looks perfectly fine, with abit of sweat. I tested him few times but no, his temperature was only 36.4.

I called the school and his Malay teacher answered. I asked about Samuel's condition while he was in school. She told me that they were asked to monitor the children every hour and should the children have fever above 38 degree with cough or flu, they wil be sent back. Excuse me, Samuel's temperature was 37.8 (on the forehead, according to her) and not 38 and he doesn't cough or have flu.

Since it started to rain in the evening, I decided not to bring him for his swimming lesson.


michelle said...

Maybe they have the wrong child. My son's school also very cautious.

MeRy said...

Glad that Samuel is Ok....Hope everything is fine.Takecare!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Too kan cheong lar those teachers!

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