Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Wan Ai"

For the past few nights before his bedtime, I tried to teach Samuel to speak in mandarin. He has been taking chinese lessons privately on top of a weekly mandarin class in school for the past two years but he can hardly speak any chinese. I tried speaking to him in chinese a few times but he doesn't understand what I say. So, now every night, I will try and speak to him few simple words.

One of the words that I taught him was "wan an", good night. I took the opportunity to teach Jesse at the same time but she has some difficulties in speaking in mandarin. One of them is, wan an.

Mummy : Say wan an to kor kor
Jesse : Wan ai
Mummy : Wan An
Jesse : Wan ai
Mummy : An
Jesse : An
Mummy : Wan an
Jesse : Wan ai

She can say "an" when its just a word by itself but she can't say "an" after "wan" which I find it rather funny :p Samuel used to be like that when he was her age.


MeRy said...

She is so cute...give her some time to learn.

michelle said...

Hehehe...sounds like Tim when I asked him to say watermelon, he said waterlemon. That was when he was 3.

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